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Transforming File Data Management: Hybrid Cloud NAS Solutions and Getting Fit for AI


Massive data growth equals massive data problems


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For many organizations, rapid data growth has resulted in a proliferation of storage systems, whether on-premises in the corporate data center, at branch office locations, or in the cloud. The result is a plethora of data silos and a lack of visibility into the organization’s file estate.

As a result, organizations are often faced with the reality of not knowing the what and where of their data across the organization. This visibility gap complicates data protection, governance, analysis, security, compliance, and planning, which in turn impacts costs. It increases the likelihood of a successful cyber attack exfiltrating, exposing, or encrypting the organization’s data and disabling its critical business processes. Further, scattered and unknown file data undermines AI workloads, which require complete data for optimum success.

Join DCIG analysts and Nasuni experts as they discuss these issues and solutions to overcome them in two upcoming webinars:

Webinar #1 – Transforming Data Management: Hybrid-cloud NAS Solutions
Wednesday, May 15, 10:00 AM — 11:00 AM CDT

DCIG Storage Analysts Ken Clipperton and Todd Dorsey with Nasuni Product Marketing Director Lance Shaw will discuss the challenges of handling massive data growth using legacy storage systems and how hybrid cloud NAS solutions transform file data management while providing numerous benefits. Those benefits include: enabling organizations to handle growing data volumes, allowing enterprise-wide data visibility and management, and positioning organizations for new opportunities coming from AI initiatives.

Register for the May 15th webinar by following the link below:

Transforming Data Management: Hybrid-cloud NAS Solutions

Webinar #2 – Transforming File Data Management: Getting Fit for AI
Wednesday, May 29, 10:00 AM — 10:45 AM CDT

Navigating the obstacles from data creation to AI insights requires preparation. In this webinar, DCIG Analysts Ken Clipperton and Todd Dorsey and Nasuni’s Chief Innovation Officer for Data Intelligence and AI Jim Liddle, will examine the issues businesses face when seeking to apply AI to their file data. They will also discuss what organizations need to do to prepare their data for AI workloads and the successes customers are experiencing with Nasuni’s hybrid cloud NAS solution.

Register for the May 29th webinar by following the link below:

Transforming File Data Management: Getting Fit for AI



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