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Author: Ben Maas

Meritocracy is Technical Skills Backed by Enthusiasm for the Work; Interview with iXsystems CTO Jordan Hubbard, Part VI

Open source has done a great deal to give those individuals who have high levels of technical skills access to the same code bases and other professionals that once were the exclusive domain of high tech companies. But the concept of meritocracy goes well beyond just technical skills. This sixth and final entry in our interview series discusses Jordan’s thoughts on how meritocracy really works and how it has helped to elevate those who live and work even in remote parts of the world to the same status of those who work for large companies.

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Drawing the Line between Open Source and Proprietary Code; Interview with iXsystems CTO Jordan Hubbard, Part V

Establishing a standard as to how an organization uses proprietary and open source code is at best difficult for most organizations. But iXsystems has essentially bet its future on the continued use of open source code in its product line. This makes it an imperative that it get this decision right to continue fostering support for its product in the open source community. This fifth entry in my interview series with iXsystems’ CTO Jordan Hubbard discusses his thoughts on iXsystems’ responsibility toward the open source community for their contributions and how it draws the line between proprietary and open source code.

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Hybrid Storage Hits the Sweet Spot as SSDs are No Silver Bullet; Interview with iXsystems CTO Jordan Hubbard, Part III

Some claim that all-flash memory and/or solid state drive (SSD) storage arrays will become the silver bullets that solve all of today’s challenges with enterprise storage arrays. Those closer to the manufacturing of storage arrays have a much different viewpoint as they see a long and healthy life ahead for traditional spinning media. In this third installment in DCIG’s interview series with iXsystem’s CTO Jordan Hubbard, he discusses how hybrid storage arrays hit the sweet spot for the storage needs of most organizations.

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Customized Storage Solutions Trump the Cookie Cutter Approach Every Time; Interview with iXsystems CTO Jordan Hubbard Part II

One of the most common requests that DCIG gets from its readers is to include the actual cost of storage systems in its Buyer’s Guides. The reason DCIG continues to decline that request and only includes starting list prices is that most storage systems may be configured in multiple different ways. This makes it impossible to arrive at a definitive price point. The second part in DCIG’s interview series with iXsystem’s Jordan Hubbard illustrates this point as he discusses how the availability of multiple different storage configurations and services trumps a cookie cutter approach to buying storage every time.

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ZL Technologies Brings Virtual Scale-out to Enterprise Archiving and eDiscovery

One of the most exciting and terrifying times in the lifecycle of a company is transitioning from a small to mid-range or mid-range to enterprise sized company. Well led companies that survive those transitions have often been planning for the occasion for some time. The longer they have been planning the more likely they’ve become aware of the need for long term archiving. Of everything.

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