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Author: Ben Maas

Fusion-io SDK Kit Unleashes Next Gen Properties of Flash; Interview with Fusion-io’s Brent Compton Part I

Last week developers of enterprise applications got some new toys to play with in the storage memory realm. The newly released ioMemory SDK will grant developers the ability to better utilize the potential of Fusion-io’s line of enterprise flash memory storage. Fusion-io expects the SDK will simplify code bases while providing a sizable performance boost. We begin our discussion with Brent Compton, Senior Director of Product Management with Fusion-io.

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Solidarity’s Dirty Little Secrets; Interview with GreenBytes CEO Bob Petrocelli Part III

In this third part of our interview series with GreenBytes CEO Bob Petrocelli, we learn about some of the advantages of using solid-state drive (SSD) technology and how Solidarity’s use of SSD differs from others’ implementations of it. As well, Petrocelli divulges what he calls a “dirty little secret” about some hardware that was cleverly repurposed to give Solidarity an edge in compression.

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The Three Practical Use Cases for Network Layer Identification; Interview with BlackRidge Technology CTO John Hayes Part I

Followers of my previous blog entries should recognize the next company in DCIG’s Executive Interview series. I have previously discussed both the technical and operational impact of BlackRidge Technology’s patented breakthrough technology known as Transport Access Control (TAC). Today, BlackRidge announces their first product, Eclipse, based on their TAC technology. I begin a discussion of this release, in the form of a multi-part interview series, with BlackRidge Technology’s CTO John Hayes.

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Looking Under the Hood of GreenByte’s Solidarty; Interview with Greenbytes CEO Bob Petrocelli Part II

In the first part of our interview series with GreenBytes CEO Bob Petrocelli, we got a glimpse into the company’s groundwork with solid_state drives (SSDs) that led to the development of Solidarity. It is a high-availability (HA), globally optimized SSD storage array solution receiving a great deal of attention because it does away with magnetic drives and delivers a massive 200,000-plus IOPS performance. Today I resume my interview with Petrocelli as he lays out the configurations and processes that make Solidarity hum.

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Magnetic Drives, You’re Fired!; Interview with GreenBytes CEO Bob Petrocelli Part I

Inline deduplication data storage solutions provider GreenBytes, Inc. recently released a new high-availability (HA), globally optimized solid-state drive (SSD) storage array solution called Solidarity that is garnering a lot of attention. Solidarity offers inline real-time deduplication and compression via a dual-controller unit outfitted entirely with SSD storage. The buzz over Solidarity is in large part because of its 200,000-plus IOPS performance–with deduplication and compression enabled.

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Addition by Subtraction: Boosting VDI Performance by Eliminating the Disk; Interview with Atlantis Computing CEO Part I

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a hot topic among DCIG readers. That’s because VDI offers a number of desirable benefits for desktop deployments, including centralized management, lower management costs, and an enhanced ability to rapidly provision computing resources to end users. However, the storage infrastructure required of VDI can push the costs of a conventional VDI environment way beyond that of a physical PC environment.

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