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Author: Ben Maas

A Practical Scale-out Storage Solution minus Scale-out’s Costs and Complexities

Server virtualization is creating new demands for ease and simplicity in managing and scaling storage capacity and performance that go well beyond what traditional single or dual controller storage systems can provide. But what organizations may fail to recognize is that even current scale-out storage systems may NOT be truly optimized to cost-effectively deliver the storage capacity and performance that virtualized environments require. This is the unique value proposition that Gridstore with its vController technology is well positioned to address.

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vPhones Will Need a Secure Identity as Well

One of the more exciting products to come out of this year’s VMworld 2011 conference was a phone. This “phone” went well beyond the push-button, touch tone variety as it was an LG phone running a beta version of VMWare’s mobile hypervisor for Android that creates what we here at DCIG refer to as “vPhones.”

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Device-based Authentication Creates New Possibilities for Fast, Secure Access to Data in the Cloud

A few weeks ago I posted a blog entry suggesting that network perimeter security had begun to break down with the advent of the cloud and the use of ubiquitous mobile devices to access resources stored in the cloud. The need of these devices to have a secure yet transparent method to access cloud resources has surpassed the ability of current Internet protocols and solutions to provide them.

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The Need for the Introduction of a New Layer of Security to Lock Down Public and Private Clouds

The advent of cloud computing and storage clouds has resulted in enterprises bending to the breaking point the concept of segregated “internal” and “external” networks. n security parlance the “external” network is viewed as a dangerous and untrustworthy place and treated with respect bordering on fear. On the other hand the “internal” network has for the most part been treated as a safe place by IT departments. This basic concept, little changed since the 1990s, is rapidly reaching obsolescence in today’s hybrid cloud-centric world.

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