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Deciphering 100+ Cyber Secure Backup Targets Webinar

Enterprises once considered storage systems that functioned as backup targets a haven for their backups. Those days are effectively over unless an organization chooses a backup target that can host and protect their backups. To discuss how to best decipher the 100+ cyber secure backup targets on the market, join myself, DCIG Principal Data Analyst, and Nexsan in an upcoming webinar on March 6, 2024, at Noon CT.

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Hackers Incentive to Attack Backup Targets

In today’s world, cyber threats have reached new levels of sophistication. In the case of ransomware, it often first attacks backup targets to hinder an enterprise’s ability to recover from an attack.

Having compromised a backup target in any number of ways, the ransomware may then turn to attacking production IT data and systems. If the ransomware then succeeds in compromising production systems or data, enterprises may find themselves without any restoration or recovery options.

Further adding to the danger of ransomware attacks, 90 percent of these attacks exfil­trate data. Hackers may use exfiltrated data as another means to extract a ransom.

Additionally, hackers may sell exfiltrated data to third parties, release it publicly, or take all these actions. To complicate matters more, enterprises may lack clarity into how hack­ers accessed their IT infrastructure and the data they stole.

Protecting Your Backup Data

IT planners and decision-makers need a storage infrastructure that accounts for and adapts to these evolving dangers and cyber threats. However, enterprises also need to trust the backup target in the day-to-day management of their data. These storage systems must secure their backups as they represent the last defense to safeguard enterprise data against malicious attacks.

In this upcoming live webinar on March 6, 2024, at Noon CT, I join Nexsan to examine cyber secure backup targets. During the webinar, I will help enterprises decipher the more than 100 storage systems that position themselves as backup targets. I will share the following from DCIG’s recent research into cyber secure backup targets, to include:

  • How ransomware attacks impact backup infrastructures.
  • Why enterprise backup systems are often the first victims of ransomware attacks.
  • Key cybersecurity features that can protect and aid recovery in backup solutions.
  • Common features found in various backup targets.
  • The unique features of Nexsan Unity that distinguish them from competitors.

Register now by clicking on this link.


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