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Cyber Security Advancements for NonStop Backup and Storage Management: A Webinar with DCIG and ETI-NET

Organizations that need continuous business and 100 percent fault tolerance in their on-premises IT environments continue to turn to HPE NonStop systems. However, even NonStop systems face new threats from ransomware attacks. These threats demand that organizations put in place a robust data protection solution behind their NonStop deployment.

ETI-NET BACKBOX with Integrated QoreStor

To discuss this challenge and how ETI-NET BACKBOX with Integrated QoreStor can help, DCIG’s Principal Data Protection Analyst, Jerome Wendt, joins with ETI-NET’s Director, Mike Mitsch, and Pyalla Tech’s CEO, Richard Buckle, for a webinar on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, at 11 am EDT.

ETI NET Webinar Screen Shot

Mr. Wendt, Mr. Mitsch, and Mr. Buckle discuss how few, if any, of today’s IT data protection offerings list NonStop as a supported platform. They will then examine how the ETI-NET BACKBOX with Integrated QoreStor represents a solution to which NonStop users may turn.

Already a mature solution for HPE NonStop environments, the latest iteration of BACKBOX introduces new cyber security features to better secure NonStop backup data.


In this webinar, participants will learn about:

  • The latest threat vector trends.
  • The new System Level Restoration (Bare Metal) and how this feature fits within the NIST Digital Resiliency Framework .
  • Best Practices associated with NonStop Backup Data Protection including the 3-2-1-X that can help simplify backup system protection processes.
  • How ETI-NET with BackBox and QoreStor significantly improve NonStop System Image Restoration Time.


  • Click on this link to take you to ETI-NET’s site to register for this webinar.


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