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Fortifying the Microsoft Stack: A Webinar Featuring DCIG and Acronis

Most organizations already run Microsoft OSes on-premises and must support and protect the applications and data hosted on them. However, many more already use Microsoft 365 with a growing number of these organizations hosting applications and data in Microsoft Azure.

Acronis 2023 11 01 Webinar ImageThis diversity puts new pressure on IT within organizations and managed service providers (MSPs) that support them. They must secure these multiple Microsoft platforms and protect the applications and data hosted on them. In this webinar, DCIG’s Principal Data Protection Analyst, Jerome Wendt, joins Acronis to discuss these challenges and how to respond to them.


Microsoft Platforms: A De Facto Business Standard

Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Windows, and Hyper-V represent the standard Microsoft platforms used by many businesses. Recent studies find that:

  • Almost 56 percent of organizations worldwide already use Microsoft Azure for their cloud services in some capacity.
  • Nearly 70 percent of all desktops and laptops have Microsoft Windows installed.
  • Microsoft 365 now has over 400 million paid seats of commercial users.
  • Windows Server and Hyper-V are used as server operating systems on up to 50 percent of all servers worldwide, though estimates on this percentage do vary.

But protecting applications and data hosted across these disparate Microsoft platforms becomes challenging for both technical and administrative reasons. This challenge requires organizations and MSPs to identify a solution that positions them to centralize, improve, and simplify their Microsoft platform support and data protection.

Protecting the Microsoft Stack Webinar Featuring DCIG and Acronis

To better understand these challenges and how to address them, DCIG’s Principal Data Protection Analyst, Jerome Wendt, joins Acronis in a webinar on November 1, 2023, at 1 pm EDT.  This webinar explores how one platform can secure and protect applications and data hosted in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Hyper-V, and more.

Webinar Agenda

  • Native protection limitations in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and Hyper-V.
  • The cyberattack techniques cybercriminals use to breach Microsoft environments.
  • Protection and compliance across the entire Microsoft stack.


  • To register for this upcoming webinar, follow this link.


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