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Storing Files in the Cloud: Strategic and Tactical Considerations

DCIG will share conclusions from its independent research into software-defined storage as part of the Festival of Big Data and Cloud. This live panel discussion with Nasuni founder and CTO Andres Rodriguez, Nasuni VP of Product Strategy John Capello, and DCIG Lead Analyst for Storage Ken Clipperton will provide insight into the strategic and tactical considerations driving the cloud file storage marketplace.

The Increasing Importance and Challenges of Managing File Data

File-based workloads are at the heart of innovation and of collaborative workflows. Enterprises today store multiple petabytes of unstructured file data. They increasingly need to process that data in the cloud and to access and collaborate on that file data from many different locations.
Many file storage solutions cannot scale to meet the needs of large enterprises or today’s demanding enterprise requirements. Consequently, most enterprises now rely on multiple point solutions, each with its own management overhead. Disparate backup solutions and disaster recovery mechanisms add layers of complexity, cost, and risk to the file infrastructure equation.
Enterprise technologists responsible for making files available for processing or collaboration wherever those files are needed are realizing that they need a next-generation file infrastructure that:

  • eliminates silos of data
  • enables workloads to migrate to the cloud
  • meets the secure access and collaboration requirements of a distributed enterprise

Storing Files in the Cloud: Strategic, Tactical, or Optional

logo for the festival of big data and cloud
Please join DCIG and Nasuni at the Festival of Big Data and Cloud for “Storing Files in the Cloud: Strategic, Tactical, or Optional? A Thought Leadership Panel”
We will discuss:

  • Cloud File Storage – what it means, and what are the options
  • What is holding people back from migrating to the cloud
  • We get to the bottom of the question: Strategic, Tactical, or Optional?
  • Live Q&A

Session title: “Storing Files in the Cloud: Strategic, Tactical, or Optional? A Thought Leadership Panel”
Event date: 5/20/2021
Event time:  8:00AM – 8:40AM PT / 10:00AM – 10:40AM CT / 11:00AM – 11:40AM ET
Registration link:

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