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Discuss the Benefits of Enterprise NAS Consolidation in the Cloud Era

Join CTERA and storage industry analysts Ken Clipperton and Todd Dorsey of DCIG on Thursday, April 29th, 2021, at 12:00 PM Eastern Time, to discuss the benefits of ‘Enterprise NAS Consolidation in the Cloud Era” with CTERA’s Senior Director of Marketing, Jim Crook.
Simplifying unstructured data management and access across a highly distributed workforce is a critical IT challenge for the post-Covid era. Enterprises are facing unprecedented cost, complexity, and scalability challenges as expanding volumes of unstructured data overwhelm legacy NAS in data centers and branch offices.
DCIG TOP 5 Enterprise Cloud-based NAS Consolidation list with CTERA
In this live webinar, we consider the benefits of NAS consolidation and key differences in today’s cloud-based SDS solution market. We also discuss how multi-cloud global file system technology enables organizations to unite core, branch, and home offices under a single namespace and deliver HQ-grade file experiences everywhere.
The webinar presents DCIG’s recent research into software-defined storage and the resulting 2021-22 DCIG TOP 5 Enterprise Cloud-based NAS Consolidation Solutions report announced on April 8, 2021. The event will be hosted on LinkedIn and will include a live Q&A session with DCIG and CTERA.
Register for the webinar by following the link below.
Enterprise NAS Consolidation in the Cloud Era | LinkedIn
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