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Five Reasons Why Organizations Choose DCIG to Create Competitive Intelligence Reports

At a high level, anyone can prepare a competitive intelligence report. All one needs is an Excel spreadsheet, a web browser, access to the Internet, a list of your competitors, and a list of product features. Then, boom, just like that, you have a report. However, companies that engage DCIG to create Competitive Intelligence Reports want much more that an Excel spreadsheet with a list of features and check marks in order to truly empower their sales staff and partners.

5 Reasons Companies Choose DCIG for Competitive Intelligence Reports

FiveReasonsThese companies want professional reports that they can use for equipping and educating their internal sales staff and resellers. They also use reports to educate their current and prospective clients. In talking with our clients about why they choose DCIG to create these reports, here are five reasons they commonly cite:

#1 – Validate their assumptions and findings about their competitors’ products’ features.

Many clients who engage DCIG to create competitive intelligence reports have already done some and, in some cases, a lot of research into their competitors’ products and the features they offer. However, they find it helpful to have an analyst firm double check and validate their research.

#2 – DCIG routinely covers and communicates with their competitors. 

DCIG has nearly 20 years of experience in covering enterprise technology products and communicating with them. This has resulted in DCIG having contacts with hundreds of technology companies and thousands of professionals within these companies. Further, DCIG has information about thousands of products and their features in DCIG’s product database. We often have the information that our clients need to validate their research or can quickly identify someone who can help get the competitive information you seek.

#3 – Companies want to speak with DCIG.

DCIG’s analysis and reports are distributed to and read by thousands of people every month through DCIG’s newsletter and on DCIG’s website. Further, DCIG’s content is often picked up by third party websites such as Storage Newsletter. As a result, companies often want to speak to DCIG and brief us on their products in anticipation of this type of coverage. This ensures that DCIG has the latest information about the products from multiple companies.

#4 – Want objective, credible, third party content.

Your customers, partners and even your own sales force will find the presentation of competitive information by an analyst firm more objective and credible than if you present it. This makes it more likely that they read it,  understand it, and use it in the field.

#5 – DCIG translates technology into understandable business benefits.

This perhaps reflects the primary reason companies engage with DCIG to produce Competitive Intelligence Reports. An Excel spreadsheet with a list of features and check marks is only the starting point for DCIG as it builds out its Competitive Intelligence Reports – not its end game. Every DCIG Competitive Intelligence Report explains why certain features matter and under what circumstances.

These reports also include questions that companies can ask their prospective customers to determine if these features matter to them. These helps both customers and the companies selling the products more quickly get to the two best answers, “Yes, I want to buy it,” or, “No, I do not.” This saves all parties involved time, money, and energy to get to the best answer.

Present Competitive Intelligence from an Objective Third Party

Companies rightfully conclude that they can perform their own competitive intelligence. They may know, perhaps better than an analyst firm, who their competitors are, and what features they offer that result in them winning specific deals. However, safely and objectively presenting that same information in a professional format for your customers, partners, and sales force can use often require more time than your existing team has.
This is where DCIG can help and has helped other organizations. If this is where your competitive intelligence team, product manager, marketing team, or internal product evaluation team recognizes a need, let us know!  You can contact DCIG by filling out this form on DCIG’s website or emailing us.


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