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Make the Best Choice to Tackle Backup Costs and Complexity in Midsize Enterprises

Anyone involved with IT in a midsize enterprise in any meaningful capacity wants to make the best choice when it comes to data protection. These individuals intuitively understand the complexities associated with supporting this environment. Inside the data center one finds multiple types of software. Outside the data center, one encounters multiple types of clouds, edge devices and PCs. Midsize enterprises frequently consider Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) and Veritas NetBackup as solutions to protect their environments. Both products target enterprises though they approach them differently.

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DCIG TOP 5 Enterprise Anti-ransomware Backup Solution Report Now Available

DCIG is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its inaugural Top 5 report on Enterprise Anti-ransomware Backup Solutions. This Top 5 report provides enterprises guidance on the best backup solutions to choose to help in their response to ransomware attacks. Using this Top 5 report, enterprises may quickly create a list of the Top 5 solutions to help them detect, prevent, or recover from a ransomware attack.

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A Comparison How StorMagic SvSAN and Scale Computing HC3 Deliver on Enterprise Edge Requirements

StorMagic and Scale Computing represent two providers that each respectively offer solutions designed to meet the requirements of these smaller environments. Both these providers offer solutions that provide high levels of availability, performance, scalability, and support. They also each offer their solutions at price points attractive for deployment in these environments. The differences between these two solutions emerge in the flexibility they each give organizations to configure and manage them.

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A Comparison of How StorMagic SvSAN and VMware vSAN Deliver on Enterprise Edge Computing and Storage Requirements

Organizations of all types and sizes need visibility and analysis into the data they collect in the moment and place that they collect it. To do so efficiently, they need edge computing solutions that can gather and process this data without incurring undue costs or overhead. In its latest Competitive Intelligence Executive Edition report, DCIG examines how solutions from StorMagic SvSAN and VMware vSAN deliver on these requirements at the edge.

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DCIG Competitive Intelligence Available for No-Charge Download

Before an organization buys a product, it often wants to know what distinguishes it from its competitors. As part of the product evaluation, the organization wants to know how the product compares to its competitor to deliver on a specific set of requirements. This is the practicality of these publicly available DCIG Competitive Intelligence reports. These reports examine different products and highlight why certain products are best suited to meet the needs of specific use cases such as video surveillance, data protection, and ransomware.

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Five Reasons Why Organizations Choose DCIG to Create Competitive Intelligence Reports

At a high level, anyone can prepare a competitive intelligence report. All one needs is an Excel spreadsheet, a web browser, access to the Internet, a list of your competitors, and a list of product features. Then, boom, just like that, you have a report. However, companies that engage DCIG to create Competitive Intelligence Reports want much more that an Excel spreadsheet with a list of features and check marks in order to truly empower their sales staff and partners.

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