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DCIG Q1 2014 Buyer’s Guide Publication Schedule

It’s an exciting time to be part of the DCIG team.  As DCIG’s President and Lead Analyst, Jerome Wendt, mentions in his “Growing and Growing and Growing…” blog entry at the beginning of this month, DCIG has seen a tremendous boom in the popularity of its website and Buyer’s Guides.
He states “In 2013 attracted more than 700,000 visitors who viewed nearly 4 million pages of content. Further, by the end of 2013, more than 20,000 people were visiting DCIG’s website on a monthly basis with nearly 2,500 people visiting DCIG’s site every day on average. That’s a far cry from the 100 or so people who visited DCIG’s site daily way back in the early days of DCIG’s existence.”
In other words, DCIG has seen a nearly 250% increase in daily visitations!  With the explosive growth of DCIG’s popularity in the analyst market, there is a bigger demand for renewal of existing Buyer’s Guides as well as demand for new topics.  The looming question now is…how is DCIG going to keep up with the demand?
To do so, in early 2013, DCIG invested in project management consulting to help determine all of the steps necessary to develop its Buyer’s Guide. Using input from the entire DCIG team, DCIG devised a well-planned timeline, developed supporting documentation and more clearly defined its processes. It then combined these thoughts with key hires in specific support areas to free the analysts to focus on what they do best: analysis.
DCIG has put together a solid plan that has positioned each analyst to deliver their associated Guides faster and more efficiently in a manner that is both defensible and credible. In some cases, the time to develop one guide improved more than 50 percent which represents a significant advancement over previous years.
Case in point, in 2013, DCIG produced eight (8) Buyer’s Guides. Not too shabby but thanks to the new analysts, processes and support staff that DCIG has put in place, DCIG is poised to release seven (7) Buyer’s Guides In the first quarter of 2014 alone. Seven!! Nearly the same number as it produced in all of 2013. Further, if DCIG stays on track (as it largely is doing,) DCIG can easily produce another 20-25 Buyer’s Guides yet this calendar year.
Here is a sneak peek at what’s coming in the first quarter (in order of target release date):
Big Data Tape Library: This Buyer’s Guide is a refresh of the DCIG 2012 Big Data Tape Library Buyer’s Guide.  Like the previous Guide, this is a compilation and evaluation of forty-three (43) industry leading tape-based solutions from eight (8) vendors. Look for the release of this Guide in the next few weeks.
Converged Infrastructure: A new Buyer’s Guide for DCIG, this is a compilation and evaluation of seventeen (17) converged infrastructure solutions from eight (8) vendors. This Buyer’s Guide covers those solutions that ship servers, storage and networking as a single SKU which can be managed as a single logical entity.
Integrated Backup Appliance: This is a refresh of the DCIG 2012 Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide. However in 2014 DCIG is breaking its focus on Backup Appliances in two. Both will cover backup appliances that bundle backup software with servers and internal storage. However the Integrated Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide will cover appliances intended for deployment and use primarily behind corporate firewalls. Its counterpart – the Hybrid Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide – will focus on backup appliances where data is stored concurrently both on and off-premise with a heavy focus on cloud storage integration and support. The Buyer’s Guide evaluates over 80 products from fifteen (15) vendors.
Hybrid Cloud Backup Appliance:  The counterpart to the Integrated Backup Appliance just mentioned, the Hybrid Cloud guide will evaluate on premise backup appliances that store data both locally and in the cloud. Nearly 100 products from over 20 providers will be included in this Buyer’s Guide.
Flash Memory Storage Array:  The Flash Memory Buyer’s Guide is a refresh from 2013. The flash array is a solid state storage disk system that contains multiple flash memory drives instead of hard disk drives. In this year’s Guide, DCIG will evaluate 50+ products from over twenty (20) vendors.
Unified Threat Management: As DCIG grows it is also diverging into new areas of coverage and its Buyer’s Guide on Unified Threat Management represents one of DCIG’s first foray into security.  This Buyer’s Guide covers how well a solution enables enterprises to implement and maintain a comprehensive security solution using a single unified gateway platform.   Eighteen (18) vendors and their associated products will be evaluated in this Guide.
SIEM Appliance: The SIEM Appliance Buyer’s Guide represents another topic in the security space which DCIG is also covering. In this Guide, DCIG evaluates appliances that provide real-time analysis of security alerts, incidents and events generated by network hardware and applications.  More than 40 products from approximately eighteen (18) vendors will be compiled and evaluated.


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