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Putting a Secure “Edge” on Enterprise Mobility

Anytime, anywhere, any device access to data is highly desirable for enhancing the productivity of an increasingly mobile workforce. But, if left to the end user, this enhanced access can create new headaches for IT and risks for the enterprise which has the responsibility to protect corporate data and comply with externally-imposed data management and eDiscovery requirements. To balance these user and business needs for access with enterprise needs to control data risks, CommVault now gives enterprises the tool they need to control this common problem as part of its most recent “Edge” Simpana release for laptops and desktops.

Employees readily grasp the productivity benefits of enhanced file access have increasingly turned to consumer-oriented file sharing programs such as Dropbox to share files across multiple devices. But sharing data outside of the enterprise perimeter can dramatically raise data protection, compliance and eDiscovery risks. As a NASA auditor pointedly observed, “If cloud-computing services are acquired without proper approvals and oversight, vulnerable systems and sensitive information may be placed in the cloud environment, legal and privacy requirements may go unmet.”

One risk that some employers and employees may fail to fully appreciate is the potential loss of access to data stored in a consumer-oriented service in the event of a separation of the employee from the company or the shutdown of the service itself. Approximately 350,000 Lavabit customers were painfully reminded of this latter risk on August 8, 2013–the day that the operator of the Lavabit service decided to “suspend operations” without prior warning to users of the service.

Events such as these are prompting organizations to choose solutions such as CommVault Edge. Although CommVault Edge has been around for a while, Edge now boasts several features that provide Dropbox-like convenience for access to corporate data in a way that mitigates enterprise data management risks. Those convenience features include:

  • File sync and share between multiple computers
  • Integration with Windows Explorer
  • Active Directory integration and HTTPS connectivity
  • HTML Preview
  • Secure anytime, anywhere, any device access.
  • Self-service file restore

Edge helps mitigate data management risks and plug data protection holes by:

  • Reducing or even eliminating the “need” for consumer-oriented file sharing services
  • Extending corporate data protection to Dropbox data by centrally backing up Dropbox folders
  • Automating endpoint discovery and deployment of software and backup policies to transparently protect laptop and desktop data so Edge is easy to scale to tens of thousands of systems
  • Increasing storage efficiency by storing endpoint data in the Simpana ContentStore where it is globally deduplicated
  • Extending enterprise backup/restore and eDiscovery capabilities to endpoint data in an integrated way, especially for organizations that already use CommVault backup

Although CommVault Edge leverages the existing Simpana ContentStore for the many enterprises that use CommVault for server backups, Edge can also fit into the environment as a standalone option for laptop backups. This approach enables enterprises to gain endpoint data protection without disrupting existing server backup software setups. This approach also facilitates the ability of users to access the information contained in existing backups without requiring the organization to install and/or manage a new product.

CommVault Edge capitalizes on Simpana’s extensive operating system support by immediately giving organizations the flexibility to support Windows, Mac and Linux on the PC. The mobile application aspect of Edge supports Android and iOS for both phones and tablets. Edge is also available as a Windows 8 app, so Surface and other touch devices are covered as well.

Edge file sync lets users choose file folders to sync and the devices to be included. Sync may be one or two-way from one or multiple PC’s. Businesses gain granular control over whether sync is turned off or on with the ability to pre-define some folders to be sync’d. This enables efficiency and control in case syncing the entire device is not desired.

CommVault Edge continues to deliver strong backup and recovery capabilities but now also helps solve the mobility issues that plague most companies. Bringing mobility, self-service and data security together to decrease risk due to loss of data control is an IT dream, and Edge helps make this dream a reality.

CommVault Edge balances convenient access to corporate data with the need to protect that data in a way that will make sense to a lot of companies. By increasing control over both corporate data and reducing the eDiscovery concerns surrounding legal hold, Edge alleviates the risk of data loss associated with mobile file sync and share between devices. In so doing, Edge allows any corporation to more easily and safely deliver data mobility to all of their users without the hassle or overhead typically associated with other solutions.


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