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Category: Commvault Systems

HPE Expands Its Big Tent for Enterprise Data Protection

When it comes to the mix of data protection challenges that exist within enterprises today, these companies would love to identify a single product that they can deploy to solve all their challenges. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that single product solution does not yet exist. That said, enterprises will find a steadily improving ecosystem of products that increasingly work well together to address this challenge with HPE being at the forefront of putting up a big tent that brings these products together and delivers them as a single solution.

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Cut Compliance and Storage Costs Today While Accommodating the Big Data Analytics Tools of Tomorrow

“Keep it all” sounds like a great corporate data management strategy on the surface. That is until someone puts in a request to retrieve information needed to satisfy a particular inquiry or the organization is required to bring all data into compliance with some external mandate. Then suddenly the ease of implementing the “Keep it all” strategy is offset by the pains associated with identifying the information needed to fulfill a request or satisfy a specific mandate. Challenges like these are driving companies to implement solutions like CommVault Simpana® Reference Copy to lower today’s Big Data complexities, costs and risks while putting in place the infrastructure that tomorrow’s Big Data analytics tools will need.

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These Archived Zombie VMs will Not Come Back to Haunt You

The freedom and flexibility to quickly spin up virtual machines (VMs) sounds great on almost every level except one: the worry that IT administrators experience about idle or zombie VMs coming back to haunt them after they are deleted. It is this apprehension maybe more so than any other factor – that leads IT administrators to retain tens, hundreds or even thousands of zombie VMs long after they should have been removed. By taking advantage of the VM Archiving feature found in CommVault Simpana® 10 Service Pack 3 (SP3), organizations can overcome this natural fear while simultaneously reducing VM sprawl and better utilizing available resources.

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Putting a Secure “Edge” on Enterprise Mobility

Anytime, anywhere, any device access to data is highly desirable for enhancing the productivity of an increasingly mobile workforce. But, if left to the end user, this enhanced access can create new headaches for IT and risks for the enterprise which has the responsibility to protect corporate data and comply with externally-imposed data management and eDiscovery requirements. To balance these user and business needs for access with enterprise needs to control data risks, CommVault now gives enterprises the tool they need to control this common problem as part of its most recent “Edge” Simpana release for laptops and desktops.

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Know – Don’t Guess – Who is the Most Skilled Person to Backup and Recover Your Business

Identifying who the “best” individual is to handle backup and recovery within an organization has always been at best a crapshoot. The choice usually came down to some arbitrary evaluation of a person’s education, experience, knowledge, skills and their willingness to perform the task which had mixed results. The customer education services, certification program and online learning portal now available from CommVault trains and equips individuals to perform backup and recovery so this task of identifying the “right” person to do the job is a far more quantifiable and defensible process than ever before.

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Enterprises Finally Realize the Benefits that Snapshots Have to Offer in IntelliSnap Recovery Manager

More data, shrinking backup windows and less time for recovery translate into a troubled future for traditional backup. This is why snapshots and replication are being hailed as a way to address these problems for a new future for data protection and recovery. However there is just one small problem with that vision: they add complexity and fail to offer all of backup software’s features. The CommVault IntelliSnap Recovery Manager removes the roadblocks to taking full advantage of hardware snapshots by making the management and recovery of them consistent, practical to implement and easy to manage even as it retains backup software’s key advantages.

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CommVault Takes a Single Pass at the Big Data Management Problem

It’s no secret that ‘Big Data’ is becoming a ‘Big Problem’ for organizations from a data and storage management perspective. However what organizations may fail to realize is that the best way to solve their Big Data problems is NOT by mindlessly throwing more resources at them. Rather it is to look at Big Data more strategically and then tackle the data management problems it creates in one fell swoop using software like CommVault® Simpana® and its OnePass technology.

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CommVault Strengthens Its Case for being the Enterprise One-Stop-Shop for Managing Physical and Virtual Backup and Recovery

Today’s defining characteristics of enterprise backup software are not whether they support VMware backups or use VMware’s APIs for Data Protection (VADP). Those features should be a given. The new hallmarks of enterprise backup software are how well they manage physical and virtual environments from a single console and accelerate and simplify virtual machine (VM) restores. It is these enhancements that users will find natively included with CommVault® Simpana® 9.

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Archiving, Business Continuity and DR Should be Part of Every Organization’s Cloud-based Backup Strategy

“The Cloud” is used in many contexts today though organizations most often associate it with “backup, business continuity, disaster recovery and archiving,” in that order. This puts the onus on organizations to select a solution that does more than just “backup” and which is why they should look for cloud service providers (CSPs) that use CommVault® Simpana® software to meet these emerging cloud-based expectations.

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