DCIG’s Most Viewed Blog Entries in 2012 Irrespective of Publication Date – #6 – #10

I have disclosed the blog entries that have earned an honorable mention on DCIG’s website for the number of page views they received in 2012. I have also already revealed the Top 5 blog entries written in 2012 that were the most frequently read in 2012. So it is time today to begin to reveal the Top 10 most frequently viewed blog entries on DCIG’s website in 2012 regardless of what year they were published, starting with numbers 6 – 10.

#10 – Top 10 DCIG Blogs of 2009 Written in 2009 (link). Jerome Wendt. The first blog entry to crack the Top 10 most viewed blog entries of 2012 is my 2009 blog entry that corresponds to the one that I posted yesterday. What is interesting to note is that the topics that topped the chart in 2009 on DCIG’s site are very similar to the ones still generating the most interest in 2012. Archival, backup redesign, disk-based backup, deduplication, Microsoft Exchange and flash memory/solid state disks were all topics that were top of mind 2009 and remain so three (3) years later.

#9 – The SSD Garbage Collection Explained in Depth by WhipTail CTO James Candelaria – Part I (link). Ben Maas. This is the only blog entry written in 2012 that also made it into the Top 10 of blog entries of 2012 irrespective of publication date. As I covered yesterday, in this blog entry, DCIG analyst Ben Maas met with WhipTail Technology’s CTO James Candelaria to discuss the particular challenges that SSDs present when used in storage arrays, why traditional storage controllers are not well-suited to manage them and why SSD garbage collection to data has presented a particularly daunting challenge to date for storage manufacturers. Considering the wide spread interest that organizations have in adopting SSD and flash memory, it should be no surprise that this blog entry ended up being the most read blog entry of 2012 that was written in 2012.

#8 – Cable Labeling as Part of Data Center Management Part II (link). Tim Anderson. This blog entry is one of DCIG’s most consistent performers year after year in terms of generating user interest. In fact, since DCIG formally launched its website in 2008, this blog entry has made it into the Top 10 every year as one of its most viewed blog entries though this year it actually slipped a few notches from the #4 or #5 slot that it normally occupies to #8 this year. However it merits attention that in an age where esoteric topics such as Big Data management, the Cloud and deduplication predominate, Tim’s thoughts on cable labeling and best practices for labeling cables have remained relevant and arguably have taken on increased importance over the years as more emphasis is put on data center availability.

#7 – Email – Not Just Communication But a Legal Document of Record (link). James Koopman. This blog entry saw a surge in interest this year to take the #7 slot for 2012. However the surge in interest in this blog entry reflects a broader trend that DCIG saw as a whole across its website on topics covering matters relating to eDiscovery and the better management of corporate unstructured Big Data stores. In this particular blog entry, James examines how the even the definition of what constitutes an email is changing and how court cases now treat emails as a legal document of record.

#6 – Top 10 Most Read DCIG Blogs of 2009 Irrespective of Publication Date (link). Jerome Wendt. For whatever reason, in 2012 people liked to read about what the most read blog entries on DCIG’s site were in 2009. Exactly why this blog entry and its partner blog entry both made the Top 10 in 2012 is a bit of a mystery to me. Maybe it was that both of these blog entries contained many of the key words that readers were searching on in 2012. Maybe readers were using these blog entries as starting points to locate the content that they were really interested in. Whatever it was, these two blog entries contained that magic combination of ingredients that propelled them to the top of DCIG’s list of most read blog entries for 2012.

Check back on Monday, Dec 31, when I reveal the Top 5 most read blog entries on DCIG’s web site in 2012 regardless of the year in which the blog entry was written.

Also, if you have not already done so, check out Wednesday’s blog entry that looks at the blog entries on DCIG’s website that earned an honorable mention for 2012 as well as yesterday’s blog entry that reveals the most read blog entries on DCIG’s site in 2012 written in 2012.

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