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One Hit Wonders

Recently, I joined the ranks of the iPad owners and have been discovering the myriad of apps available to me to use/goof off with/waste time with.  What I have found has been pleasing for the most part, and while I am not likely to become a Ninja Fruits aficionado, or break onto the Angry Birds Pro Tour one of my favorite apps is Pandora Radio.  I love music and have it on almost constantly.

I have it running on my iPad each day as I work and have a rather large and disparate selection of music.  Anything from the 80’s Alternative station, to Psychobilly hits, Classical, to Blues legends and more ephemeral oddities. 

The other day while listening to a “quick mix” I was assaulted for some reason with a string of “one hit wonders”.  It was amazing to see what rolled across the screen to haunt me with their singularly odd hits. 

I got, Gary Numan “Cars”, Chumbawumba “Tubthumping”,  and one of my favorites (seriously) Wall of Voodoo “Mexican Radio”.  I was on a one hit wonder roll and like an accident on the side of the road; it was hard to turn away from it.

numan_cars.jpgGratefully, the phone rang, I muted the iPad…and moved on.  But when I read an article recently on the fleeting nature of most blogging activities and how there are literally thousands of orphaned blogs out there it made me think that maybe the one hit wonder radio station was here to give me inspiration for my monthly blog. 

The article pointed out that many people start blogging or writing with the best of intentions, and might even have a good flow of content for months.  But inevitably, something intervenes and they get distracted, lose interest, get writers block, close their doors as a business, are re-tasked to a new project, or just give up.  What they fail to realize is that they have likely gained followers, and have generated interest in their business out in the ether and now they are just walking away in a Garbo like silence.

The purpose of a business blog is to promote and educate the reader, to create some buzz and get people in your industry to talk about you and your products.  If you are a “one hit wonder” and are gone from the blogosphere before you even garner a faithful following, you are doing yourself a disservice.

 The one hit wonder ending to your blogging efforts sometimes signals to readers that your company is unstable, or not committed to the educational process.  This is damaging to your public image and I strongly suggest that you come up with a better plan.

At DCIG, we blog for many of our clients, and become one of their most valuable assets in that we are dedicated to creating solid analysis and publish that analysis in the form of blogs, executive white papers, case studies, full length white papers, and Buyer’s Guides.  But we are not “one hit wonder” one and done type writers. 

We are dedicated to this and encourage you to look at your own blogging activity….I have.  And for some of you I would say that you are quickly relegating yourself to the status of Gary Numan…a vague memory of something that briefly caught someone’s attention and then they left you behind.

If you are really looking for continuity, if you want to be a multi platinum hit producer of the blogging world, give me a call and I will help you get your company back on track. 


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