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An Informative Blog is the First of Many Secrets to Making BUSINESS Blogging Work for You

DCIG just celebrated its 4th anniversary of doing outsourced BUSINESS blogging for companies in the high tech space. But where many others have tried and failed at this initiative, DCIG has succeeded by, over the years, unlocking some of the secrets that make it a win-win scenario for both DCIG and its clients. Today I reveal the first of those secrets behind BUSINESS blogging.

When DCIG formally started offering outsourced blogging services in 2008, a number of other analysts and individuals were also doing the same thing. Now, nearly four years later, there is only one other individual/company that I aware of that is doing it at the same scope and level as DCIG. Even then, I do not think that company offers nearly as many options as to what they can do with its blogging services as what DCIG offers.

Regardless, what has occurred in the last four years with blogging itself has been nothing short of amazing. While blogging was certainly not “new” when DCIG started it in 2008, it certainly was neither “accepted” nor the “norm.” It certainly was not where people tended to go to first look for information about new products or services.

Now in 2012, blogging is more mainstream and arguably more relevant than the news you get from most “traditional” websites. Frankly, when I now do searches for information, I am more likely to find the information on the sites of other bloggers than through traditional media outlets. In fact, sometimes when I am doing a search on Google for information, I find what I need on DCIG’s own site as I or some other DCIG analyst covered the topic at some point in the past and I have already forgotten about it.

That leads me to the first secret in BUSINESS blogging that DCIG has uncovered over the years.

Secret #1 – Keep Your Blog “On Topic” and Informative

Granted, writing a good or even a great blog requires research and some thought behind it. But when you start a blog you need to keep your blog on topic and make it informative.

The analysts at DCIG cover a wide range of topics ranging from information security to eDiscovery to information governance to data protection and storage. But within the sphere of what DCIG covers, I primarily cover products in the data protection and data storage space.

It is not that I cannot write about those other topics and some who know me may even consider me an expert in those areas. But I personally am closest to the data protection and data storage spaces and can speak confidently about them. As such, that is where I focus most of my efforts. To stray afield and cover topics on which I am not an expert is a disservice to my readers as they expect me to have an informed opinion about the subject matter which I am covering.

Notice I use the word “informed” opinion here not objective. Over the years I have come to view the word “objective” in a negative light and personally I associate it with being “uninformed.” This is a big reason why DCIG refers to its outsourced blogging service as “an informed inside view.”

We try to avoid just spouting off in order to generate web traffic by being sensationalistic. While there are certainly individuals and businesses out there that subscribe to that method of bringing attention to themselves and their blogs, because of the space we cover and the soberness of the individuals in it, DCIG has found the best way to draw and keep an audience (and its clients) over time in this space is by being accurate and informed in its blog entries.

As it turns out in this day and age that is sensationalistic enough. What I too often found, and still do find, is that when I read the headlines the content is designed to generate headlines while woefully lacking in relevant actionable information.

These articles may be viewed as “objective” by some but the content is too often unusable to me and others who care about and want to reference what is written. In my case, all it really becomes good for me is to use it as an illustration of how NOT to blog.

While some people may doubt me on this, in the first month of January 2012 DCIG’s readership crossed the 40,000 visitor threshold. That means monthly DCIG’s website attracts roughly 1.5% of those individuals who care about and follow the topics we write about with our most popular content tending to be that which is referential and informative in nature.

So if doing BUSINESS blogging, stay focused on the topic in which you are an expert and strive to make every blog entry informative. That is what gives you and your blog credibility whether or not someone pays you to produce the content while it keeps readers coming back for more.

Stay tuned for my next blog entry in this series of secrets of how to best do BUSINESS  blogging.


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