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Archiving, Business Continuity and DR Should be Part of Every Organization’s Cloud-based Backup Strategy

The Cloud” is used in many contexts today though organizations most often associate it with “backup, business continuity, disaster recovery and archiving,” in that order. This puts the onus on organizations to select a solution that does more than just “backup” and which is why they should look for cloud service providers (CSPs) that use CommVault® Simpana® software to meet these emerging cloud-based expectations.

When organizations think of the “Cloud,” 76% first and foremost think “backup” according to a recent InformationWeek Analytics poll.  But it is also noteworthy that they associate the “Cloud” with business continuity (70%), disaster recovery (70%) and file archiving (68%) purposes as well.

So organizations have to think of both the “Cloud” and those providing cloud services in a broader context than just backup. As such they need to select a solution – and a provider – that delivers on this broader set of requirements. This is why Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) that use CommVault Simpana are well positioned to meet these new requirements that organization either now or in the near future are going to expect the cloud to offer.


  • Backup comes first.  Organizations first and foremost want to solve their backup pain across both their physical and virtual environments with their cloud-based solution which CommVault provides. CommVault supports all enterprise operating system platforms (physical and virtual,) provides deduplication to minimize data stores and then encrypts data prior to storing it in the cloud to preserve the integrity of the client data.
  • CommVault does archiving as well. Once backup is in place, cloud-based archiving will likely follow closely on its heels. Using CommVault organizations natively have access to its archiving feature and can start using it when they are ready for minimal extra cost or without needing to deploy a second solution.
  • Connectors to multiple cloud storage providers. It may seem a stretch to think of CSPs using cloud storage from other cloud providers to augment or complement their in-house storage. But not every cloud storage provider is going offer a cloud-based backup service as cloud storage providers like Amazon S3, Mezeo and Nirvanix have no plans to do so.

A CSP that uses cloud storage from these providers may actually be a more affordable and practical option than if they had to build their own storage solution to store all of their client’s data. By using CommVault’s Cloud Connector feature both CSPs and their clients have the flexibility to store data with any of these providers as each one has differing availability and performance requirements. In this way, CSPs can extend to their clients the freedom to choose the back-end cloud storage infrastructure that most closely aligns with their specific needs.

  • Build business continuity and disaster recovery services on top of CommVault. Most organizations are minimally equipped to recover from any a kind disaster should one occur. However using CommVault for cloud-based backup, both CSPs and organizations can affordably build out a business continuity and disaster recovery solution using existing cloud storage solutions. CommVault CSPs, such as IT-Lifeline, Inc., are already using CommVault in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build out affordable, practical and scalable business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for their clients in the cloud.

The most common path that organizations are taking to get into the “The Cloud” and that CSPs are offering to their clients is cloud-based backup. But once in “The Cloud,” organizations are not looking to go on cruise control. They are looking for “The Cloud” to also deliver other services such as archiving, business continuity and disaster recovery that they cannot adequately deliver on their own today.

So it behooves CSPs and organizations alike to select a cloud-based backup solution that delivers more than just backup. While backup is certainly critical and the first feature that organizations will likely look for CSPs to deliver, by selecting a CSP that uses CommVault Simpana they will get more than the ability to backup to “The Cloud.” They will lay the foundation to get access to all of the cloud services that they will eventually expect the “Cloud” to deliver. 


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