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Numbers and Results – An Introduction to a Case Study on Nexsan’s Use of the DCIG Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever noticed how important numbers are to us as a people?  We are fixated with the numeric results of almost everything; football scores, G.P.A.’s, miles per gallon, cost per unit, throughput, capacity, and the number of minutes it takes the delivery guy to get my pizza to my door.

I find that I too am really wrapped up in numbers, because the numbers I fixate on every few years come as the result of years of work and months of daily effort culminated in a decision made in a day.

The longest day of my recent life was November 2nd 2010 “Super Tuesday.” You see that day is when I found out whether or not I was to be the next Mayor of my city or whether the months of daily door knocking and campaign meetings had been for naught. Months of work, came down to a simple statistical outcome reported after polls closed and were delivered at about 9pm…Results!

At DCIG we are also very results oriented, and in 2010 Jerome Wendt and I had a conversation that we hoped would change the direction of our company.  I was in my car driving to a meeting; he was in his office in Omaha taking a minute to run an idea by me.

DCIG Nexsan Case Study Shipping.pdf

He asked me if I was familiar with Consumer Report’s year end Buyer’s Guide.  I told him that as a homeowner I was of course familiar with it and that we rarely made a major buying decision on appliances, or cars without consulting it to see what they said was the best product in the area we were going to make a purchase in.  “EXACTLY!” he said and went on to describe to me a plan that would bring that similar concept to the storage industry.
He told me that he had been working on analyzing midrange arrays and that he thought it lent itself to having the offerings quantified based on their features and how well they would serve the midrange market. He had a methodology and experience in putting a report like this together and that he was going to work on it over the next few weekends and would get back to me. 

What came out of his weekend work was amazing.  He created a survey that was submitted to hardware vendors and he then mapped their answers to a matrix, and from the matrix came a score on how good that machine was at meeting the needs of an end user in the data center…Results!

We had it graphically laid out and looked at the stack of data sheets on each storage array by company. It was impressive to see what the culmination of months of work looked like and how amazing an education piece this guide could be.

It could shorten the decision making process for end users by weeks, and deliver to the industry one of the first analyst research projects that actually had the guts to  take a definitive outlook on products and declare a “Winner.” 

We stared at it and thought about, How we would license it to the winner? and “Would they see the value of it?  Would they have the same enthusiasm as the panel of end users we have shown the guide to?  Would they have the ability to take the document and create measurable results out of using it?  … The answer was, it came down to Results!

The company that licensed the first guide was Nexsan and, in the early months of 2010, it agreed to license the guide and share it with the industry as a research tool that would equip end users to make buying decisions. Together we all agreed that buyers would want a Buyer’s Guide.

What happened next is described in the case study that we are releasing today and I encourage you to read it as it truly is an amazing story as it was a huge success.
Never before in Nexsan’s lead generation campaigns had numbers like this come in.

I knew that download notifications were being sent to mobile devices at Nexsan, and I can imagine that as their phones buzzed with notification they were levitating with the number of leads pouring in the from the guide….Results!

DCIG has gone on to release many other Buyer’s Guides with results similar to those that you are going to read about in the case study you are about to look at with it being a win-win for both parties. End users were equipped with good data on the market, vendor’s received new leads, and results are being measured and declared a resounding success.

It took a year in the making to find out the specifics about the Nexsan results, and I want to congratulate Nexsan on the excellent job that it did in promoting the DCIG 2010 Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide in as many outlets as it could find.  We think that the case study will be just one of many such results for our clients who utilize the Guides that DCIG produces because they produce … Results!

Numbers like total leads, leads moved through the sales process, and opportunities created and closed are really important metrics and DCIG is pleased that Nexsan was able to find such overwhelming results from using its work.

It’s easy to see why numbers do carry such weight. Super Bowls are decided by numbers, a higher G.P.A. gets your kid into a better college, miles per gallon can decide on whether you buy a car or not, 29 minutes and I pay for the pizza, 30 minutes and its free and, like me, you sometimes sit on pins and needles waiting for the election returns because elections are won or lost based on who gets the greatest number of votes. So enjoy reading the case study and thanks for reading my article.

Mayor Jim Nash
Vice President of Business Development


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