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Cloud Storage vs. Tape Backup: Is it time for your business to make the switch?

Tape backup has been the primary solution for enterprise data backup and storage for decades. For a long time seen as a necessary evil, tape storage is slowly being phased out in favor of online, cloud-based storage solutions in businesses throughout the country.

Tape backup has several factors going against it. Tape backup requires:

  • More time spent storing tapes
  • More money spent on tape storage, often off-site
  • More time searching tapes for specific data
  • More grief when a tape is found to be unreadable

See Zetta’s Data Storage Solution at Cloud Connect – Next Week!

Cloud Connect ConferenceStill relying on tape data storage? Ready to learn more about the benefits of switching your business to a cloud storage solution? Come meet us on March 8th and 9th at the Santa Clara Convention Center for Cloud Connect. We’ll be demonstrating ZettaMirror and chatting with folks about how our cloud storage solution can save you from the headaches of traditional, tape-based data backup.


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