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A New Blueprint for Best Practices in Storage Management

Even in these trying times aggressive companies are looking to the future. Companies continue to grow organically through mergers, acquisitions or takeovers. While the latter might be more the norm these days, the need for a company to keep IT storage management costs under control remains constant. Growth creates problems in the form of logistics, energy and maintenance concerns as well as with the physical computing and storage resources. Companies lacking the infrastructure to support these increases in operational demands can quickly squash any growth plans.

Just about a year ago 3PAR announced an innovative blueprint for the virtual datacenter to help companies meet the increased demands on IT. Its objective was to eliminate the need to dedicate physical computing and storage resources to specific applications that have led to spiraling server and storage costs, datacenter sprawl and time-intensive provisioning and change management. Coined 3cV for the combination of the 3PAR InServ Storage Server, HP c-Class BladeSystem and VMware Infrastructure, it forms a complete utility computing offering that enables customers to halve server, storage, and operational costs and gain instant agility.

An early believer in this program was Rich Jackson, Vice President of Technology Operations at Hilton Grand Vacations. At that time, he made the following statements:

  • “With 3cV, we have achieved remarkable gains in business agility and cost reduction for a broad range of applications including our property management system, databases, messaging, Web servers, and file servers.”; and
  • “With 3cV, we have quadrupled administrative efficiency and can now provision virtualized servers and storage within minutes versus weeks.”

Fast forward to today and Hilton Grand Vacations was recently awarded first place by the Technology Managers Forum in the category of Storage Management as part of their 2008 Best Practice Awards program. As a professional association for IT managers at mid-to-large corporations, one of its missions is to recognize achievements in technology and how companies use it for a competitive advantage. Some of the benefits experienced by Hilton Grand Vacations include:

  • Achieved significant cost savings
  • Reduced storage management time by 75%
  • Increased storage administrative efficiency by 4x
  • Increased Microsoft SQL Server performance by 3x
  • Decreased server and storage provisioning time by 90%
  • Implemented cost-effective disaster recovery without reliance on professional services
  • Automated formerly manual processes such as storage allocation and service level optimization
  • A datacenter that is now 50 to 70% smaller through server and storage virtualization
  • A realized savings of up to 75% on power, cooling, and housing datacenter equipment

Hilton Grand Vacations’ benefits cross boundaries of physical storage manageability, operational efficiency, application performance and outside services. This is a direct result of the 3cV blueprint which directly attacks IT, server and storage consolidation to provide a highly virtualized utility computing. This new virtual environment delivers exceptional levels of agility and efficiency in drastically changing IT environments. Building this form of flexible and highly virtualized utility computing environment can actually be simple when there is a proven blueprint available. Because all components of the 3cV blueprint are qualified to work together, companies can quickly deploy a solution in response to virtualization initiatives that will provide exceptional levels of agility, performance, and efficiency.


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