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Author: jeromeandjames

NEO 8000e Readies Itself to Assume Archiving Role in Enterprise Data Management

Over the past few years there has been a lot of hype that tape storage is being left dead. But while disk is capturing the fancy of enterprise organizations because of disk’s success in solving their primary backup and recovery problems, longer-term issues with data management are just now starting to surface. It is for this reason that enterprise data centers are finding new tape library solutions such as the Overland Storage NEO 8000e well suited for their emerging archiving needs.

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The Overland Storage N2000 Goes Rich in Features but Stays Sensitive in Price

It is no secret that small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are still keeping their belts tight in the face of the economic slowdown that has occurred. This is forcing them to change how they do business which means bringing in the right technologies to make sure their employees can still get their work done. As they do, more are bound to find the Overland Storage SnapServer N2000 the right technology to help them meet this objective.

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Disaster Recovery is Definitely a “Start Small but Think Big” Application when it comes to Virtualization

Even though Gartner Research says that server virtualization is not yet widely implemented (only 16 percent of workloads currently run on virtual machines according to Gartner), Gartner does point to a more virtualized environment in the very near future. It expects that fully 50% of workloads will run inside virtual machines by 2012 and represent nearly 58 million deployed machines. But as this transition from physical to virtual occurs within data centers, traditional disaster recovery (DR) software, procedures and techniques are not positioned to migrate so cleanly into this newly virtualized environment.

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Recent HP ProLiant G6 Server Management Innovations Take Edge Off of Ongoing OPEX Costs

The costs for IT departments of power and cooling as well as server management can no longer be overlooked, assumed static or just written off as a necessary evil of doing business. Recently published statistics reveal that the three (3) year operational expense (OPEX) for a single server in many cases now exceeds its acquisition costs . These growing OPEX expenditures are costs that everyone from the end-user through the distribution channel to manufacturers of the server hardware, like HP, are working to decrease.

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Cloud Storage Horror Stories Got You Spooked? Get Your Data Center Cloud Ready Now

Cloud computing helps companies hide, intelligently allocate and take control of their IT infrastructure while also supplying users with the appropriate levels of application availability and performance. But, with this flexibility comes the inherent risks. One of the most pronounced risks is protecting the application data stored in the cloud because if you don’t, cloud storage horror stories are sure to follow.

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Tape Libraries and NAS Devices Covered under New ‘Cash for Junkers’ Program

We have all heard of the pressures that the current economic downturn is having on companies. Since the beginning of the year, Wall Street Journal, Forrester Research and others have told us that spending on information-technology goods and services for this year is declining or will be declining. But these same outlets are also predicting the current bad economic times are coming to an end and that technology spending will increase again in 2010 across various categories to the degree of 7-10 percent.

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A Half Million Dollars in Savings – Good; A Fully Supported Storage Solution – Priceless

At a time where vendors are positioning savings “guarantees” to draw attention to their storage offering, it is refreshing to see a storage user actually tout substantive savings just by switching to 3PAR. This was accomplished recently done by CEDAR Document Technologies who announced it saved a half a million dollars, improved performance, experienced a 5x increase in transaction volumes and avoided $250,000 in administrative costs just by switching to 3PAR’s InServ storage systems.

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67% Performance Boost and WORM Functionality Highlight Latest NEC HYDRAstor Software Release

The NEC HYDRAstor grid storage platform is best described as one that can evolve and grow on an as-needed basis while introducing newer technologies as they become available. Today’s announcement continues to reinforce this compelling value proposition that the HYDRAstor platform delivers. In today’s software release NEC improves HYDRAstor’s performance, adds in-flight encryption to its replication feature and extends its support of application-aware deduplication to Tivoli Storage Manager and EMC NetWorker all at no extra charge to HYDRAstor users.

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Deciphering Application Metadata is Data Deduplication’s Next Frontier

Dedupe is an easy concept to grasp. At its most basic level it reduces storage requirements and touts the improvement in backup and recovery times. It seems as if it is a “win-win” scenario and, for the most part, it is. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that dedupe is still in its infancy and is being continually fine-tuned and changed. This should keep us from becoming lackadaisical in our perception of this technology and how it is still in its early stages.

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