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FalconStor Transcends both Physical and Virtual Boundaries with new VMware Initiative

VMware ESX Server and its latest vSphere software release have become instrumental in helping organizations tame server hardware costs within data centers while improving the ROI associated with existing and new projects. But this isn’t to say that virtualization doesn’t come with any pain points–and managing virtual storage infrastructures is one of the biggest. So to help combat these challenges, FalconStor Software today announced at VMworld 2009 a comprehensive VMware Initiative that will help organizations bridge their physical and virtual infrastructures and provide continuous availability in multi-vendor storage environments.

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New REO BCA Simplifies Backup and Automates Recovery in Virtualized Environments

The impact of virtualization on the IT Infrastructure has shaken IT at its core. Virtualization is changing the current model of assigning one physical server for each application by effectively consolidating multiple servers onto one piece of server hardware and then optimizing its resources. Despite these benefits, virtualization initiatives can prove challenging. For example, deploying certain components of the IT infrastructure with backup and recovery is one area where there can be unanticipated challenges in the support of virtual infrastructures.

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Branded Solutions or White Boxes for Geeks: Bell Micro Supplies and Supports Both

Build your own (white box) or purchase an industry-branded solution for implementation of appliances – that is the question. Even today, this question continues to plague many customers as well as divide OEM businesses. Depending on the equipment (components or solutions) OEMs are quick to argue their case as to why white boxes are better than a branded solution or vice versa. However each solution has its place in the market. And, for the smart OEM, maybe the choice doesn’t have to be one or the other.

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HP-Bell Micro OEM Relationship Puts Focus on TCO

This blog entry contains a series of questions DCIG posed to Jeff Otchis, OEM Program Manager at HP. Jeff’s role consists of supporting and growing the ISS (Industry Standard Servers) OEM business through the Americas channel by working closely within HP and with channel partners to define business metrics and increase the revenue stream through OEM efforts. In this interview, Jeff gives us his insight and perspective on OEMs, how OEMs fit into HP’s program, and how HP has been working with Bell Micro.

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CA’s Acquisition of Orchestria May Fail to Answer Forthcoming SEC Compliance Concerns

The recent announcement that CA acquired Orchestria to extend its identity and access management portfolio to include data loss prevention raises some key questions about exactly what problems CA hopes to solve. While DCIG sees the value in companies acquiring and merging with other companies to solve specific strategic problems, this one left us scratching our heads a bit. After all, wasn’t it Bear Stearns who back in 2005 selected Orchestria to oversee its electronic communications? But now, in the light of day, really how much benefit did its implementation of Orchestria provide Bear Stearns in light of its recent public failure?

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Storage Fundamentals are the Basis for New Storage Innovation

Innovation within the data center seems to be on the lips of IT managers, vendors, and analysts alike. Innovation, it is said, will pull us through this economic downturn even as organizations experience cutbacks in budgets, staff and just general doom and gloom. These innovations include maturing technologies such as virtualization, grid computing and deduplication coupled with management initiatives like consolidation, outsourcing and reduced expansion. These ensure organizations can continue to cut costs and stay on budget while creating more efficient data centers that are ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

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Legacy Video Surveillance Solutions are Giving Way to new IP Cameras that Use Networked Storage

About 40 years ago, high-tech video surveillance consisted of closed-circuit television (CCTV) that had to be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Then came the move to video cassette recorders (VCRs) with analog video capture, which helped bring about a revolution of video surveillance in the ’70s. But just as all of us movie buffs have figured out, VCR tapes eventually wear out, tear or become unmanageable, and the same occurs with video surveillance tapes. While there are many new features in tape-based video recording, such as charged-coupled device (CCD), digital multiplexing as well as time-lapse and motion-only recording, the ability to digitally record data to network-attached storage is starting to takeoff and, as it does create a more scalable solution for video surveillance.

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SPC Engineer Swallows the Automated Performance Tuning Pill

Those of us who cut our teeth on single-disk storage systems and were heavily involved in performance optimization often find it difficult to take the leap of faith required to trust many new technologies. I (James) can remember when RAID came out. At the time, I was working on Oracle databases and wondered why I needed RAID and if it would stand the test of time. After all, many database professionals were already manually striping data across discrete disks. With RAID technology we had to overcome our inherent need to control data placement and embrace the ease of deployment and gains in performance, reliability, and availability.

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Autonomy Remains Fully Committed to the Support and Development of EAS

As analysts within the electronically stored information (ESI) space, DCIG pays close attention to not only features and benefits of specific products and solutions but also monitors other articles, blogs, and columns in the broader market place about specific vendors. In instances where allegations are made, it then tries to sort fact from fiction and present a more complete picture. Recently, some allegations about Autonomy have surfaced that sparked interest at DCIG as to their accuracy.

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Mobotix-Overland Partnership Snaps into Place in Fast Growing Video Surveillance Market

A picture is worth a thousand words, so even in a world with a great deal of economic uncertainty, the video surveillance market is still forecasted to grow 30 percent or more this year and beyond, according to Security Products magazine. This is mostly due to the fact that corporate security needs are growing more critical. Yet the reasons behind the explosion of video surveillance go well beyond just security; companies are finding that the sharp pictures possible with the new generation of digital IP cameras can help them better analyze shoppers’ behaviors and buying patterns at their stores.

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