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Enterprise Exclusive: CommVault® shores up Microsoft® and Sun™ 64-bit Computing platform with 64-bit data management

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Sun (NASDAQ:JAVA). If Microsoft and Sun were collaborating on a charity picnic this time last year, it would have been a shock. Now these companies are coming together to provide a combined software and hardware solution and going forward arm-in-arm with CommVault (NASDAQ:CVLT) to help companies address their most pressing application data management needs. No where is this challenge more acutely felt by businesses than in supporting Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Putting the right infrastructure in place to meet the needs of those mission-critical applications requires a new generation of hardware and software support. Organizations must do more than just select the right combination of hardware and software but deploy and support it. “Turnkey” is the new operative word no matter what size a company is and companies need turnkey solutions when implementing and supporting today’s mission critical applications.

Today’s announcement that CommVault® has entered into a collaborative alliance with Microsoft and Sun is most significant for companies introducing 64-bit processing. CommVault® cinches the 64-bit data management angle for companies while Microsoft and Sun provide a proven, underlying 64-bit operating system and server/storage hardware environment.

This new collaborative agreement is the outcome of conversations that started back in September 2007 when Microsoft and Sun announced their strategic relationship. The missing component, until now in this relationship, was a 64-bit unified data and information management platform that CommVault’s Simpana® Suite shores up. Simpana Suite unifies the data management interface for backup, recovery, archiving, search and classification while creating storage efficiencies using its Single Instance Storage (SIS) technology.

For Microsoft Exchange, SIS is one part of CommVault’s Common Technology Engine (CTE) which delivers release independence on a couple of fronts. CommVault’s CTE enables corporations to backup data on a 32-bit Microsoft Exchange server then recovers that same data to a 64-bit Microsoft Exchange system. Further, support and licensing within CommVault’s CTE and Simpana suite aren’t limited to version or chipsets. Companies can use their existing CommVault licenses on either 32-bit or 64-bit Sun and Microsoft platforms.

This announcement sets the stage for CommVault, Microsoft and Sun to provide an integrated 64-bit turnkey solution for enterprise Linux, Unix and Windows shops. By moving to a complete 64-bit hardware and software architecture, companies can consolidate servers while improving application and server management.

However on a larger scale this reflects a huge step forward for CommVault and how enterprises should perceive the Simpana software suite. Dave West, CommVault’s VP of Marketing and Business Development, says that CommVault started the move to a 64-bit software architecture three years ago in anticipation of corporate needs. CommVault realized that 64-bit was a market differentiator and provides vertical product scalability. “This relationship is a pay-off for us making that investment in 64-bit architecture,” says West.

The most immediate benefits users should expect from this relationship are improved data management and support for their Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2007 applications. Using an end-to-end 64-bit computing platform, companies can scale vertically with Exchange and SharePoint. They can be assured their larger data backup, recovery and archiving requirements can be addressed using 64-bit architecture versus 32-bit running in emulation mode.


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