Author: Joshua L. Konkle & Jerome M. Wendt

TeraCloud becomes Estorian, Inc; Releases Version 3.0 of LookingGlass Email Archiving Software

Estorian’s LookingGlass provides a new approach to email archiving for eDiscovery and retrieval. It utilizes the Messaging Application Protocol Interfaces (MAPI) to capture all messaging activity within Microsoft Exchange operating environments. For example, when a user starts to write a message and saves a copy of it in their drafts folder, LookingGlass captures this type of activity and stores these messages into its archive. While a draft copy of an email may mean nothing, sophisticated fraudsters may know how to use associated draft folders to send emails through Microsoft Exchange mailbox delegation without detection. Capturing messages stored in these draft folders controls risk while many other email archiving products typically rely on the antiquated journaling technology found in Microsoft Exchange.

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