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Prioritizing the Best Features in a Microsoft 365 Backup Solution – DCIG Webinar

Currently over one million companies worldwide have Microsoft 365 subscriptions. This means each company likely stores multiple terabytes of data in Microsoft 365 that it has the responsibility to protect. Third-party SaaS backup solutions offer the best option to back up and recover this data. However, with over 30 different SaaS backup solutions available, which features should a company prioritize to choose the best one?

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In this upcoming webinar hosted by Arcserve on March 28, 2023, at DCIG’s CEO and Lead Data Protection Analyst, Jerome Wendt, provides answers to this question. He goes into the details on DCIG’s latest research into Microsoft 365 SaaS backup solution to help organizations understand:

  • Common feature functionality across all Microsoft 365 SaaS backup solutions.
  • Notable differences between products.
  • The features a company should prioritize when selecting a Microsoft 365 SaaS backup solution


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