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Zadara zStorage recognized as a DCIG TOP 5 Enterprise Storage as a Service Solution

OMAHA, Neb., (May 13, 2022) – DCIG is pleased to recognize Zadara zStorage as a DCIG TOP 5 solution in the forthcoming 2022-23 DCIG TOP 5 Enterprise Storage as a Service Solutions report. That report is based on DCIG’s independent research into the burgeoning storage as a service marketplace.

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Enterprises Look to as-a-Service for Business Benefits

Storage as a service (STaaS) solutions offer multiple business benefits. They primarily enhance enterprise agility to address their changing business requirements. Traditional enterprise storage purchases often estimate storage requirements several years into the future and then select and purchase storage based on those estimates. In contrast, using STaaS, enterprises only need to pay for the storage they currently need. The STaaS provider will then deliver and bill for additional capacity as needed.

STaaS also reduces business risk through vendor-provided expert monitoring, management, and maintenance of the storage infrastructure. Finding and retaining staff with storage management expertise remains a challenge. It also adds risk to businesses that manage their own storage infrastructures. STaaS eliminates that concern.

STaaS also positions businesses to adopt a cloud operating model. It helps eliminate the  unexpectedly high bills enterprises often receive when adopting cloud services. STaaS solutions protect their budgets from these surprises through simple, predictable pricing.

Zadara zStorage Delivers Multiple Business Benefits

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Zadara zStorage delivers many business benefits, including the following:

  • Increases operational agility. Zadara provides 24/7/365 proactive support, including hardware and software maintenance and upgrades. Thus, Zadara zStorage enables IT departments to say “Yes” to new workloads and quickly get those new workloads into production.
  • Simple and predictable pricing. Zadara delivers its storage as-a-service, based simply on capacity used, with a minimum base capacity and contract term of twelve months. No ingress or egress fees.
  • Rapid deployment. Deployment can be within days. According to Zadara, a typically deployment can be completed in a week.
  • Flexible deployment options. Organizations may deploy Zadara zStorage on-premises, at colocation facilities including Cyxtera, Equinix and Rakuten, and in MSP facilities. Zadara offers several hundred edge cloud locations, most of them through a rapidly growing global partner network of solution providers. These global points of presence provide geographic proximity for low-latency access and data sovereignty compliance along with a consistent hosting experience.
  • Fully featured. All the data services enterprises expect are included on an all-inclusive basis, with no extra fees for data services. Data services include thin provisioning, multi-zone high-availability, remote mirroring, non-disruptive upgrades, at-rest and in-flight data encryption, per-volume quality of service, auto-tiering, erasure coding, immutable object lock in compliance mode.
  • Unified universal storage. zStorage supports block (FC, iSCSI, iSER), file (NFS, CIFS), and object storage (S3, Swift) configured as all-flash or hybrid flash+disk volumes.
  • All services, one appliance. Zadara delivers all its managed edge cloud services, including zCompute, zNetwork, and zStorage from a single hardware appliance in a scale-out architecture. By supporting all services and all protocols from a single appliance, Zadara reduces data center complexity. This all-in-one approach also makes Zadara especially well-suited for edge deployments.

DCIG Summary Opinion on Zadara zStorage

Zadara started as a storage-as-a-service company, and now offers a complete compute, networking, and storage stack. Zadara zStorage’s simple pricing, comprehensive protocol support, robust data services, and fully managed infrastructure make it a very attractive storage as a service offering for the enterprise. It offers a cost-effective, OPEX-based approach to enterprise storage.

Zadara offers a federated edge program that provides managed service providers (MSPs) with a fully OPEX-based approach and an opportunity to grow new revenue streams without CAPEX risk. It enables MSPs to address client needs across many regions through a single agreement. As with the enterprise, Zadara manages the technical infrastructure of the solution for its MSP partners.

About Zadara

Since 2011, Zadara has been a disruptor in the technology space, pioneering the first storage-as-a-service technology solutions. Today, Zadara’s Cloud Services platform brings award-winning infrastructure technology, including compute, storage, and networking, to where customers need it most. Zadara is designed for any workload and data type, available on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud and at the edge. With patented storage and compute technology, Zadara offers the most flexible and resilient infrastructure for service providers and enterprises.

Zadara’s rapidly growing partner network includes more than 300 points of presence globally, with the goal of 1000. We are supported by best-in-class service providers and partners, including Cyxtera, Sandz, Viatel, CenturyLink, Equinix, NTT, Rakuten, Verizon, K3 Starcom, Softcat and Veeam.

About DCIG

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