DCIG Researching Unified and Universal Software-defined Storage Solutions

DCIG Researching Unified and Universal SDS Storage Solutions

DCIG is expanding its software-defined storage (SDS) research to include unified and universal storage solutions. It invites solution providers to participate in the survey research taking place through April 6th, 2022. DCIG will publish results beginning in the 2nd quarter. These DCIG TOP 5 reports help IT decision-makers save valuable time through a succinct analysis of available solutions.

Software-defined Storage Background

A growing number of businesses are adopting software-defined storage. SDS decouples storage software from its hardware. Businesses value SDS software for the flexibility SDS gives them to use the hardware of their choosing, and even deploy the same storage solution on-premises and in the public cloud.

SDS Research: Block, File, Object, Unified, and Universal Storage

DCIG performed a scan ofIllustration of how block, file and object protocols relate to unified and universal software-defined storage the SDS marketplace and discovered dozens of SDS providers. DCIG focused its initial research on SDS block, file, and object storage solutions. Now DCIG is expanding its SDS research to include unified and universal storage solutions.

DCIG defines unified storage solutions by their support for both block and file storage protocols. Universal storage supports block, file and S3 protocol access to the data. In a sense, universal storage is the next evolution of unified storage through the addition of object storage protocol support to the traditional block and file protocol support. Universal storage also delivers the performance, data services, and key integrations organizations expect from primary storage solutions.

Preliminary List of Unified and Universal SDS Solutions for Evaluation

Based on a preliminary scan of the marketplace, DCIG identified the following solutions to be evaluated for possible inclusion in the unified or universal storage SDS research.

• Buurst SoftNAS
• Commvault Distributed Storage
• DataCore SANSymphony
• Dell EMC UnityVSA
• Open-E JovianDSS
• iXsystems TrueNAS SCALE
• NetApp ONTAP Select
• Nexustorage Nexfs
• Nutanix Unified Storage
• OSNEXUS QuantaStor
• Red Hat Ceph Storage
• StarWind VSAN
• StoneFly StoneFusion
• Storidge CIO
• StorONE S1 Enterprise Storage Platform
• Tintri NexentaStor
• Veritas InfoScale
• VMware vSAN
• Zadara VPSA Storage Array

Unified and Universal SDS Storage RESEARCH: Next Steps

The survey data collection period runs through April 6th, 2022. Survey data is based on publicly available and vendor-provided information. DCIG will publish results of its analysis in the 2nd quarter as one or more DCIG TOP 5 reports. We will announce the release of each report via the DCIG website and newsletter.

Important Information About the Research Process

The survey captures data on solution features and capabilities from an end-user perspective. It contains a mix of multiple-choice, check-all-that-apply, yes/no, and short answer questions. The survey instrument allows multiple people to contribute.

There is no charge to participate in the survey or be selected as a top solution provider. The reports will focus on the positive aspects of the leading solutions. Reports may focus on on-premises, cloud, or other specialized use cases.

DCIG TOP 5 Report Benefits

IT Executives and managers will find the results of the independent research DCIG conducts in the SDS marketspace valuable, through:

• Saving time discovering, researching, and analyzing products for consideration
• Understanding essential factors enterprises should consider
• Identifying important differentiators between top solutions

Invitation to Participate

DCIG invites all unified and universal software-defined storage providers to participate in the survey research. Storage providers can ensure they receive a survey by contacting DCIG through the Contact Us page.

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