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DCIG Analysts Will Speak on Ransomware and Cloud File Services at Nasuni CloudBound2020

DCIG analysts will share findings from recent research into cloud file services and protecting organizations from ransomware at Nasuni CloudBound2020.

Nasuni CloudBound2020

This two-day online event will educate and equip IT leaders with the tools and real-world expertise needed to modernize their file infrastructure. The sessions will provide attendees with tangible takeaways that will help accelerate the journey to the cloud.

Ransomware Realities: It’s When, Not If, You’re Attacked

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October 6 | 8:20 AM EDT

Presenter: Jerome Wendt, President & Founder, Data Center Intelligence Group (DCIG)

Ransomware represents one of the primary threats every size organization currently faces. The latest surveys reveal the percentage of businesses experiencing ransomware attacks may be higher than anyone initially thought. These statistics suggest it is only a matter of when, not if, an organization experiences a ransomware attack.

In this session, Jerome Wendt of DCIG breaks down:

    • The threats that ransomware presents
    • How it enters and attacks organizations, and
    • Steps that organizations can take to repel and recover from ransomware attacks.

Modern File Services Enabling Enterprise Cloud Transformation

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October 7 | 12:50 PM EDT

Presenter: Ken Clipperton, Lead Analyst, Storage, Data Center Intelligence Group (DCIG)

File-based workloads in the cloud are at the heart of business innovation and collaborative workflows globally. In this session, Ken Clipperton of DCIG discusses how modern file services overcome the limitations of legacy filers to enable enterprises in their journey to the cloud.

Attend at No Cost

To attend these sessions on ransomware and cloud file services, please register for Nasuni CloudBound2020. Registration is free at

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