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DCIG 2020-21 Enterprise Midrange Hybrid Array Buyer’s Guide Now Available

DCIG is pleased to announce the availability of its 2020-21 Enterprise Midrange Hybrid Array Buyer’s Guide. This Buyer’s Guide helps enterprises assess the enter­prise midrange hybrid array marketplace and identify which array may be the best fit for their environment.
The Buyer’s Guide includes data sheets for 14 enterprise midrange hybrid array series that achieved rankings of Recommended and Excellent. These products are available from ten vendors including Dell EMC, FUJITSU, Hitachi Vantara, HPE, Huawei, IBM, Infinidat, iXsystems, NetApp and Tintri.
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The data storage landscape has changed dramatically over the last several years. For any business looking to refresh its storage infrastructure, these changes have created a whole new world of possibilities.
Enterprise storage has achieved order-of-magnitude improvements across multiple vectors including latency, capacity and density. These improvements are driven largely by the integration of flash memory–and now other persistent memory technologies—into enterprise storage systems. This integration includes the emergence and rapid adoption of the efficient, low-latency NVMe and NVMe-oF protocol standards.
The storage ownership experience has also been transformed along several vectors. These include:

  • Sophisticated storage analytics with proactive technical support
  • Automation
  • New acquisition and deployment options

Not all change is good. The evolving global regulatory environment adds risk and complexity to data stewardship. Security threats abound. Nevertheless, modernizing enterprise storage infrastructure is a transformational data center and business opportunity.
It is in this context that DCIG presents its 2020-21 Enterprise Midrange Hybrid Array Buyer’s Guide. As in the development of all prior DCIG Buyer’s Guides, DCIG has already done the heavy lifting for enterprise technology buyers by:

  • Identifying a common technology need with competing solutions
  • Scanning the environment to identify available products in the marketplace
  • Gathering normalized data about the features each product supports
  • Providing an objective, third-party evaluation of those features from an end-user perspective
  • Describing key product considerations and important changes in the marketplace
  • Presenting DCIG’s opinions and product feature data in a way that facilitates the rapid comparisons of various products and product features

The products that DCIG ranks as Recommended in this Guide are as follows (in alphabetical order):

list of recommended enterprise midrange hybrid arrays
Source: DCIG

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