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Five More Reasons Why Organizations Choose DCIG to Create Competitive Intelligence Reports

Last month I shared five reasons why organizations choose DCIG to prepare competitive intelligence reports on their behalf. However, that list represented only a glimpse into why companies select DCIG. This month, I share five more reasons why companies engage DCIG to produce these reports to equip their sales staff and partners.
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Companies want and need professional, well-researched reports that they can use for equipping their internal sales staff and resellers. They may also use these reports to educate current and prospective clients to ask the right questions to identify the right solution. In conversations with our clients, here are five more reasons they cite for using DCIG to create competitive intelligence reports.

1. DCIG knows how to safely present competitive information in a public forum. 

Companies may fail to realize that federal civil laws exist that govern the publication of content that they publish comparing them to their competitors. While no one goes to jail, it does open the door for your competitor to file lawsuits against your company. DCIG knows how to navigate these waters and help avoid these circumstances which can drag on for years or even decades.

2. Provides succinct content that is relevant, to the point, and easy to be read.

 DCIG analysts are former end-users who successfully made the case for technical solutions. They translated the technical benefits in ways that make sense to business management. DCIG also works with value added resellers. This background informs DCIG on the types of questions that these individuals will likely pose and want answered. DCIG combines this background with its years of writing experience to prepare and deliver concise, easy-to-digest reports.

3. Avoid internal competitive intelligence crisis.

DCIG does not look to replace a company’s internal competitive intelligence team – it looks to augment it. DCIG regularly encounters companies who experience turnover in this area or who have no one dedicated to it full time. Using DCIG provides companies with consistency, continuity, and a common repository for their internal competitive intelligence function.

4. Frees your staff to focus on responding to internal sales inquiries and understanding customer needs.

Understanding and responding to the inquiries of your customers and sales staff should take precedence over consistently researching your competitors’ features. The reason is simple – companies must prioritize the needs right in front of them. Conversely, DCIG regularly covers and aggregates the product features of your competitors. It simply makes sense on multiple levels for them to outsource this function to a third party.

5. DCIG Competitive Intelligence Reports summarize the distinctive benefits of your solution.

Every company wants to distinguish its product from others in its space. That is the product’s value add. However, that approach only works if one can accurately articulate one’s differentiators. Saying a product stands apart in a feature offering only to find out it does not may result in lost credibility. It’s even worse if a current or prospective customer brings this oversight to your attention. Using DCIG, you can better mitigate the possibility of that occurrence.
Companies rightfully conclude that they can perform their own competitive intelligence. They know, probably better than any analyst firm, who their primary competitors are, and the features their own products offer that result in them winning deals. However, safely and objectively presenting that information in a professional format may require more expertise or time than your team possesses.
This is where DCIG can and has helped other organizations. If this is where your company can use some help, let us know!  You can contact DCIG by filling out this form on DCIG’s website or emailing us.


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