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A Business Case for ‘Doing Something’ about File Data Management

The business case for organizations with petabytes of file data under management to classify and then place it across multiple tiers of storage has never been greater. By distributing this data across disk, flash, tape and the cloud, they stand to realize significant cost savings. The catch is finding a cost-effective solution that makes it easier to administer and manage file data than simply storing it all on flash storage. This is where a solution such as what Quantum now offers come into play.
Organizations love the idea of spending less money on primary storage – especially when they have multiple petabytes of file data residing on flash storage. Further, most organizations readily acknowledge that much of their file data residing on flash storage can reside on lower cost, lower performing media such as disk, the cloud, or even on tape with minimal to no impact to business operations if they know the files are infrequently or never accessed but can be accessed relatively quickly and easily if required.
The problem they encounter is that the “cure” of file data management is worse than the “disease” of inaction. Their concerns focus on the file data management solution itself. Specifically, can they easily implement and then effectively use it in such a way that they can derive value from it short and long term. This uncertainty about the success of implementing a file data management solution that is easier than the status quo of “doing nothing” prompts organizations to do exactly that: nothing.
Quantum, in partnership with DataFrameworks and its ClarityNow! software, gives companies new motivation to act. Other data management and archival solutions give companies the various parts and pieces that they need to manage their file data. However, they leave it up to the customer and their integrators and/or consultants to implement it.
Quantum and DataFrameworks differ in that they offer an integrated, turnkey, end-to-end solution that organizations need to have confidence to proceed. Quantum has integrated DataFrameworks ClarityNow! Software with its Xcellis scale-out storage and Artico archive gateway products to put companies on a fast track for effective file data management.

xcellis workflow directorSource: Quantum

The Xcellis scale-out storage product was added to the Quantum product portfolio in 2015. Yet while the product is relatively new, the technology it uses is not – it bundles a server and storage with Quantum’s StorNext advanced data management software which has existed for years. Quantum packages it with its existing storage products to create an appliance-based solution for faster, more seamless deployments in organizations. Then, by giving organizations the option to include the DataFrameworks ClarityNow! software as part of the appliance, organizations get, in one fell swoop, the file data classification and management features they need in an appliance-based offering.
To give organizations a full range of cost-effective storage options, Quantum enables them to store data to the cloud, other disk storage arrays, and/or tape. As individuals store file data on the Xcellis scale-out storage and files age and/or become inactive, the ClarityNow! software recognizes these traits and others to proactively copy and/or move files to another storage tier.  Alternately, the Artico archive gateway can also be used in a NAS environment to move files onto  the tier or tiers of storage based on preset policies.
It should be noted this solution particularily makes sense in environments that minimally have a few petabytes of data and potentially even tens or hundreds of petabytes of file data under management. It is only when an organization has this amount of file data under management does it make sense for them to proceed with a robust file data management solution backed by the enterprise IT infrastructure such as what Quantum offers.
It is time for organizations who have seen their file data stores swell to petabyte levels who still are doing nothing to re-examine that conviction. Quantum, with its Xcellis scale-out storage solution and its integration with DataFrameworks ClarityNow!, has taken significant strides to make it easier than ever for organizations to deploy the type of file data management solution they need and derive the value they expect. In so doing, organizations can finally see the benefits of “doing something” about bringing their costs and headaches associated with file data management under control as opposed to simply “doing nothing.”
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Note: This blog entry was originally published on June 28, 2017.

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