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DCIG 2016-17 Midrange Unified Storage Array Buyer’s Guide Now Available

DCIG is pleased to announce the availability of the DCIG 2016-17 Midrange Unified Storage Array Buyer’s Guide developed from the enterprise storage array body of research.
The DCIG 2016-17 Midrange Unified Storage Array Buyer’s Guide weights, scores and ranks more than 100 features of twenty-three (23) products from eight (8) different storage vendors. Using ranking categories of Best-in-Class, Recommended and Excellent, this Buyer’s Guide offers much of the information an organization should need to make a highly informed decision as to which high end storage array will suit their needs.
Each array included in the DCIG 2016-17 Midrange Unified Storage Array Buyer’s Guide had to meet the following criteria:

  • Must be available as an appliance that includes its own hardware and software
  • Must support one or more block-based (SAN) storage protocols: Fibre Channel, FCoE, or iSCSI
  • Must support one or more file-based (NAS) storage protocols: CIFS/SMB or NFS protocols
  • Must support scaling to at least two controllers
  • Must be formally announced and/or generally available for purchase as of July 1, 2016

DCIG’s succinct analysis provides insight into the state of the midrange unified storage array marketplace. The Buyer’s Guide identifies the specific benefits organizations can expect to achieve using a midrange unified storage array and key features organizations should be aware of as they evaluate products. It also provides brief observations about the distinctive features of each product. Ranking tables enable organizations to get an “at-a-glance” overview of the products; while DCIG’s standardized one-page data sheets facilitate side-by-side comparisons assisting organizations to quickly create a short list of products that may meet their requirements.
End users registering to access this report via the DCIG Analysis Portal also gain access to the DCIG Interactive Buyer’s Guide (IBG). The IBG enables organizations take the next step in the product selection process by generating custom reports, including comprehensive side-by-side feature comparisons of the products in which the organization is most interested.


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