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Latest Enhancements to Dell DL1300 Provide the Out-of-the-box Backup, Recovery, and DR Experience that Mid-market Companies Demand

More data to backup, less time to recover it, heightened recovery expectations and limited time to dedicate to manage these tasks. These are the dilemmas that every mid-market business faces when backing up and recovering its data. The good news is that the DL1300 Backup and Recovery Appliance offers the specific features that mid-market companies need to address these issues. Delivered as a turn-key, easy-to-deploy solution, the DL1300 offers the comprehensive set of features that mid-market companies need to reduce their time spent on backups, replication and/or archiving data to low cost 3rd party cloud locations.
Faster, Easier Recoveries Top the List of Mid-market Company Needs
Today, perhaps more so than ever, organizations want a backup appliance that makes all of the tasks associated with managing backup and recovery faster and easier. This includes making the appliance easier to deploy and manage that minimizes the amount of time and IT manpower needed to maintain and scale the appliance.
Foremost, organizations want a backup appliance that possesses the features to quickly and easily recover their applications and data. Most  mid-market organizations already rely on disk-based backup in some form as part of their existing backup process to improve backup success rates as well as shorten backup windows. As such, one might assume that faster, easier recoveries go hand-in-glove with faster, easier backups.
Unfortunately, this rarely holds true as recovery has largely lagged behind backup in its ability to deliver on either “faster” or “easier”. Many organizations grapple with the aggressive recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) for their applications and data putting added pressure on them and any solution they evaluate to:

  • Recovering their mission critical applications in minutes
  • Quickly restore any of their applications and data (under an hour)
  • Scale to keep pace with their growing storage capacity requirements for their applications and data
  • Update or upgrade the appliance with minimal to no impact to business operations
  • Utilize 3rd party cloud services providers for archive and disaster recovery

In short, they want a solution that maximizes their investment in a backup appliance which offers them the best possible backup, recovery and archive experience for their ever changing environment.
The Fast, Easy Backup Experience that Mid-market Companies Expect
The DL1300 Backup and Recovery Appliances positions midmarket organizations to address these key challenges that they face. The DL1300 is built on the Dell 13G PowerEdge Server platform that hosts the DL1300’s backup software and provides the resources that organizations need to consistently and quickly backup and recover large amounts of data. Marrying disk and application software in a turn-key solution, the DL1300:

  • Offers configuration wizards so organizations may go from box-to-backup in approximately 20 minutes
  • Takes the guesswork out of deployment and ongoing management and maintenance
  • Delivers data deduplication and compression to reduce data footprints and shorten backup windows
  • Scales to quickly and easily add capacity with in-box capacity upgrades as well as supports external storage arrays for greater capacity

Dell DL1300 Image
An initial deployment of a DL1300 Backup and Recovery Appliance may be future-proofed to meet their ever-growing and difficult-to-predict capacity growth without replacing the entire appliance.
Leveraging this option, mid-market organizations may size the DL1300 to solve their immediate backup challenges and then easily scale it up if and when the amount of data they backup increases. The DL1300 ships in 3 capacities: 2TB, 3TB and 4TB with 2 VMs included with the 3TB and 4TB models. All three models can be expanded to include 8TB of capacity inside the appliance. However, the 4TB DL1300 model can be increased to a total capacity of 18TBs using one MD1400 external storage array. Additionally, the RAM on all models may be upgraded to 64GB.
These extra levels of availability, capacity and horsepower particularly come into play for mid-market organizations looking to consolidate and centralize backup, recovery, and cloud archive across their environment.
As many mid-market organizations have a mix of Linux, Windows and VMware in their environment, the DL1300 provides them the solution they need to backup and recover all of these operating systems as well as protect both physical and virtual machines. Equally important, it integrates tightly with leading Windows applications such as Active Directory (AD), SharePoint and SQL Server to provide the application consistent backups that each of these applications need.
Once setup and configured, organizations may concurrently backup up to 60 backup streams. The DL1300 then optimizes its available disk capacity using RAID 5. This RAID configuration uses the DL1300’s available disk capacity more efficiently than what a RAID 1 (mirrored disk drive) configuration natively offers while still protecting the backup data against data loss should a drive failure occur.
More Recovery Options for All Applications and Data
The DL1300’s increased amount of disk storage capacity coupled with its RAID 5 data protection scheme facilitates the ability of organizations to centralize the backup of all of their applications and data onto a single platform in one location. This serves an important purpose: organizations may then leverage the DL1300 to quickly, easily, and centrally recover all of their applications and data.
The DL1300 possibly does a better job of doing recovery than any other backup appliance in its class as organizations may recover across both physical and virtual machines, to include doing P2V, V2P, P2P and V2V conversions. Its Live Recovery feature can recover any protected application—physical or virtual—back to the production machine, usually in under an hour and often within minutes.
To perform the restore, Live Recovery restores data from the application’s most recent backup checkpoint. As backups typically occur each hour, when an organization initiates a restore the organization can reasonably expect to recover application data that is less than an hour old.
Organizations that need even higher levels of application availability (no more than minutes of downtime) for their mission critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange or SQL Server, may leverage the optional Virtual Standby feature found on either the DL1300 3TB and 4TB models.
Using this feature, an organization may create a couple of virtual machines (VMs) on the DL1300. Then, for up to two selected protected servers, it will create a standby VM on the DL1300. Once set up, if the production physical or virtual machine goes offline, a virtual copy may be started almost immediately on the DL1300 appliance.
Finally, all mid-market organizations increasingly need a means to get their data offsite for archive and prepare an offsite disaster recovery (DR) plan. This is where the DL1300 shines. It supports multiple cloud storage providers to include Amazon, eFolder, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and Zerolag. In so doing, it positions mid-market organizations to store data with their provider of choice providing them with cost-effective, non-proprietary options to move data and prepare their DR readiness plan.
DL1300 Provides the Out-of-the-Box Backup, Recovery and DR Solution that Mid-market Organizations Demand
Many mid-market organizations find themselves at a crossroads. They need a solution that offers the scalability and technical features they need to protect their ever-changing environment in a turn-key and easy-to-manage package. Organizations need to improve application recovery, shorten backup windows, archive to non-proprietary 3rd party cloud locations and prepare a cohesive DR readiness plan. Further, they need to so without breaking their budget, or stretching their technical limits.
The DL1300 meets these objectives by providing the out-of-the-box backup, recovery, and DR solution that organizations demand. Starting at an attractive price point under $5,000 and available from Dell and its partners, the DL1300 puts mid-market organizations on a path toward consolidating and simplifying their backup operations even as they get new flexibility to recover and scale going forward.


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