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Facebook, SharePoint, Box and Outside In Top List of Supported Products by eDiscovery Software Providers

DCIG expects to unveil its DCIG 2012 Early Case Assessment (ECA) Buyer’s Guide in Q2CY12. As prior Buyer’s Guides have done, it puts at the fingertips of organizations a Buyer’s Guide that provides them with a comprehensive list of ECA software that can assist them in this all-important buying decision while removing much of the mystery around how ECA are configured and which ones are suitable for which purposes.

This DCIG 2012 Early Case Assessment Buyer’s Guide accomplishes the following objectives:

  • Provides an objective, third party evaluation of ECA software products and scores their features from an end user’s viewpoint
  • Includes recommendations on how to best use this Buyer’s Guide
  • Scores and ranks the features on each product based upon the criteria that matter most to end users so they can quickly know which product are the most appropriate for them to use and under what conditions
  • Provides data sheets for 29 products from 24 different software providers so end users can do quick comparisons of the features that are supported and not supported by each product
  • Provides insight into which features in the product will result in improved identification and evaluation
  • Provide insights into what features the product offers to optimize their operating environment
  • Gives any organization the ability to request competitive bids from different providers of software that are “apples-to-apples” comparisons

As an added benefit this blog provides a sneak peek into the results of the software provider survey and assessment. Using DCIG’s new online survey system we have identified key products supported and used by software providers.

It has always been smart to think before you speak, but social media systems require us to think before write. In fact, some say that adult career aspirations can be made or broken based on what a teenager or college student writes on their Facebook or Twitter account. The aspirations can be halted because of the increased scrutiny by civil, criminal, organizational and corporate investigations in to what is being written.  

Increased investigation has led to an increase in eDiscovery support for social media by software providers. DCIG research indicates 40% of the surveyed software providers for eDiscovery/ECA products support Twitter and Facebook. Software providers who do not have product support, offer services to identify, preserve and collect from social media. 

Figure 1: Search and identification of ESI from social media sources

eDiscovery social media sourcesHowever, investigations for civil and criminal do not stop at public facing social media accounts. Our judicial circuits are requesting access to personal cloud file sharing accounts. Cloud file sharing accounts extend beyond those provided by an employer to personal cloud file sharing accounts.

In response to this changing environment, software providers have expanded their product capability to support cloud file shares. DCIG research indicates Box is the highest priority when it comes to eDiscovery/ECA investigation support.

Figure 2: Search and identification of ESI from public cloud file shares

 eDiscovery cloud file sharesDCIG research and upcoming Buyer’s Guide for ECA extends deeper into software provider capabilities related to search, management, operating environment, user interface and their end users support. eDiscovery buyers can be assured that DCIG evaluated enterprise criteria as well.

Software providers act according to a changing landscape in enterprise collaboration.  They have voted with their product support by placing Microsoft SharePoint on equal footing with EMC/Documentum in terms of ECA support.

Figure 3: Search and identification of ESI from Content Management Systems

 eDiscovery content management systemsIn addition to supporting commercial software, several software providers indicated support for two Apache projects:

  • Apache Chemistry – Apache Chemistry provides open source implementations of the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification.
  • Apache Tika – toolkit detects and extracts metadata and structured text content from various documents using existing parser libraries.

For example, when software providers were how they supported different file types, e.g. txt, xls, mp3, rtf, epub, etc, many responded “with third party tools.” Supporting a third party product for various document types enables a software developer to focus on the eDiscovery and Early Case Assessment workflows.

Figure 4: Search and identification of file types

 eDiscovery search and identify file typesThe upcoming DCIG Buyer’s Guide for Early Case Assessment software will be groundbreaking. Some buyers and sellers may not agree with DCIG’s weighting and rankings. However, everyone will agree having over 300 features of 29 software products identified as supported and NOT supported will be very beneficial.


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