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DCIG Revolutionizes Buyer’s Guide with New Analysis and System

Later this month DCIG will be unveiling a new product designed to aid end users, value added resellers and sales teams within our coverage community.  The product is based on a successful line of analysis that DCIG has been producing since 2010 – the DCIG Buyer’s Guides.

I’m writing this blog to give our readers a peek under the engineering and development side of this effort.  What you should take away from this writing is that we intend to move the Buyer’s Guide from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” for buyers and sellers in the markets DCIG covers.

Starting with DCIG’s Early Case Assessment Buyer’s Guide, DCIG has begun the move to an online survey system.  This enables our analysts to do real-time assessments on the product information coming in from vendors.

On February 29th, DCIG closed the survey for eDiscovery Early Case Assessment and within a few hours were able to provide valuable statistics.  For example, DCIG’s upcoming Buyer’s Guide will be able to tell you which vendors do and don’t support the following:

·    Support for chain of custody during collection
·    Direct phonetic search of audio files during analysis
·    Search and identification of ESI without affecting metadata
*Note: Preliminary data and percentages may not add up to 100%

DCIG chain of custodyDCIG phonetic searchDCIG metadata disturbThe percentage of vendors who do not support chain of custody should peak a buyer’s interest. In addition, there are a limited number of vendors who support direct phonetic search and identifying them can be crucial for buyers.

If you are interested in knowing which vendors do and do not support that functionality you can find that information in Early Case Assessment Buyer’s Guide, due for publication in Spring 2012.

2011 Small Enterprise Storage Array Buyer’s Guide

DCIG produced a Small Enterprise Storage Array Buyer’s Guide in 2011. DCIG developed the guide in conjunction with Foskett Services, LLC.  Since then, DCIG has moved the survey data compiled by Stephen Foskett, Founder and Principal of Foskett Services, to its online system for additional analysis.

Our analysis of the data Mr. Foskett collected reveals considerations any company should take when evaluating small enterprise storage arrays to include information about which arrays support:

  • Thin Provisioning
  • SSD/Flash
  • RAID Level Reconfigurations
  • Virtual operating systems like Citrix,and VMware vSphere

DCIG Thin ProvisioningDCIG SSD FlashDCIG RAID reconfigurationDCIG Logo CompatibilityA quick evaluation reveals that less than half of the arrays available in the $5,000 – 30,000 price range support SSD/Flash.  Knowing which ones and how they rank compared to others may be vital to your decision making!

Only 25% of these arrays support thin provisioning, which is a gap when designing with costs in mind. In addition, buyers may need a product that supports both SSD and Thin Provisioning.  Using DCIG’s Buyer’s Guide can help you find those products that support both features.

The DCIG 2011 Small Enterprise Storage Array Buyer’s Guide analyzes, scores and ranks over 50 features from more than 30 small enterprise storage products that are priced from $5,000 – $30,000. The guide offers all of the information an organization should need to make a highly informed decision as to what small enterprise storage array is right for their environment and can be found here.


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