40% of InMage Systems Customers See a 200% Return on Investment

Recent feedback from InMage Systems’ existing customer base indicates that 100% of them use its Scout software for disaster recovery. That probably comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with Scout or its heterogeneous recovery capabilities. But what may come as a surprise to some is that nearly 40% of these existing Scout users are seeing a 200% return on investment (ROI) in Scout because of how it can be used in multiple ways in a company’s IT infrastructure.

Achieving a 200% ROI on any investment is only possible when organizations find some way to leverage a product or software they are using for one purpose for some other critical business need. This is exactly what is occurring within the ranks of InMage Systems‘ customer base. While they initially purchased and deployed Scout to solve their internal business requirements for disaster recovery, 40% of InMage Systems’ customer base is leveraging it as a front end to their existing backup infrastructure.

The motivation behind using Scout for multiple purposes is two-fold.

First, InMage’s customer base is trying to solve existing backup problems for their physical servers. Many of them were backing these servers up to tape and experiencing backup window, data loss on recovery, recovery time, and/or recovery reliability problems.  Given its continuous data protection foundation, Scout eliminated backup windows, enabled them to meet very stringent RPO/RTO requirements, and gave them excellent recovery reliability (based on the fact that Scout leverages disk-based recovery media).

Second, organizations are almost universally looking to virtualize their server environments to reduce upfront capital expenditures along with cutting ongoing operational power and cooling costs. But as they virtualize servers, they find that traditional backup software agents place a heavy burden on the virtual machine’s host physical server during backup times so they are actively looking for new, much lighter weight options to backup and protect these servers.

This is where InMage Systems’ existing customers are realizing their 200% ROI from Scout and, in the process, solving their aforementioned backup problems. In addition to using Scout for disaster recovery they are now leveraging it to complement their existing backup infrastructure while replacing backup agents on many of their physical and virtual servers.

They are able to achieve this because Scout uses a filter driver (as opposed to an agent) to capture writes in real time as they occur, sending them across the LAN to an InMage CX (highlighted below). All of the functionality to manage data retention for both local and disaster recovery uses resources on the CX, rather than on the production servers, freeing up significant resources on the production servers.

InMage Backup CX.JPGThis is what makes it possible for InMage’s customers to remove backup agents from their application servers – they are no longer required to get at the data – and see this doubling of value of their investment in Scout. Once the copied data is on the CX, an AppShot (application-consistent recovery point) can be created, mounted on a recovery server target (which can act as the common backup “workhorse” for a number of different servers) and a backup to tape can be performed – all without introducing any overhead on the server – physical or virtual.

AppShots are retroactively created to represent any previous data state for a given server.  The end result for administrators is that they have more headroom left on their production servers, pay less on licensing fees and maintenance for backup agents, get better recovery capabilities than they had before, and minimize tape handling.

Since all near-term recoveries can be performed directly from disk by Scout, customers move to a scenario where they may only create a tape backup once a week or once a month as a second line of defense. Using Scout they now get both better backup and disaster recovery for half the price.

Organizations are always looking for better, faster and more economical ways to do more with less and these tough economic times are putting a new exclamation point on doing exactly that. However, 40% of InMage Systems’ existing customers are finding out that by leveraging Scout for backup in addition to disaster recovery, they can bring disk into their backup infrastructures, improve their backup success rates and then deliver faster, more reliable recoveries both locally and remotely. This combination of features and ROI should resonate with anyone in any organization.

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