Estorian LookingGlass is a right priced option for archiving and preDiscovery

The email archiving market place has been assuming much of the burden in the electronic data discovery market for several years.  In the US, email archiving broke into the data management market as a requirement for financial services business.  Through 2007 the data management requirements for email archiving have broadened and now include electronic data discovery.

All data ends up being considered during litigation.  According to an ESG report, the amount of archive data is increasing for most users at ~15% annually, where the median size for 1000 or greater employees is 8 terabytes.  Therefore, electronic data discovery costs for processing and review increase along with those increases in data created.  To address the increased costs of processing and reviewing data during litigation many companies have turned to third party products such as archiving and preDiscovery.

Prior to the release of Estorian LookingGlass v2 there weren’t any vendors who could deliver archiving and preDiscovery tools with an intuitive and easy to use package.  If you are considering an email archiving and preDiscovery solution you might have looked at Autonomy/Zantaz and Symantec Enterprise Vault, but in either case they are lacking effective preDiscovery tools.  For Autonomy/Zantaz you would need Aungate; for Symantec Enterprise Vault you would need Clearwell Systems.  Estorian LookingGlass is delivering on both email archiving and preDiscovery tools.

LookingGlass doesn’t require any agents or special configurations on your Microsoft Exchange Server.  The simplicity in installation comes from Active Directory (AD) integration.  During installation you only need to provide one account with appropriate permissions in the Microsoft Exchange Environment.  For example, if your company has a few thousand users and you need to keep an ongoing litigation ready email archive; Estorian LookingGlass is a great option when compared to separate email archiving and preDiscovery products.  Estorian is designed to support the mid-market archiving requirements.  Installations typically take less than two hours based on current customers experiences.  Using just one additional server you can support Microsoft Exchange email archiving and eDiscovery.

Estorian LookingGlass supports eDiscovery and preDiscovery by providing a technically minded paralegal an intuitive search interface.  LookingGlass supports some of the most sought after sorting and filtering options available in high-end systems.  For example, you can choose to filter on outbound email, from specific custodians, during defined time frames, with specific attachments.  Estorian takes the guess work out of creating complex queries, something that an eDiscovery service provider would spend significant portions of time on.

Estorian LookingGlass combines draft archiving with MAPI based journaling, without having to activate message journaling, along with preDiscovery capabilities found in some of the more expensive solutions today.  Thus, it allows you to focus on data that is relevant and should be included in your company’s legal case.

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