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Fusion-io Acquires NexGen to Accelerate the Process of Data Center Transformation

Last week’s acquisition of NexGen Storage by Fusion-io was greeted with quite a bit of fanfare by the storage industry. But as an individual who has covered Fusion-io for many years and talked one-on-one with their top executives on multiple occasions, its acquisition of NexGen signaled that Fusion-io wanted to do more than deliver an external storage array that had its technology built-in. Rather Fusion-io felt it was incumbent for it to take action and accelerate the coming data center transformation that it has talked and written about for years.

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The Two Forces Driving the Evolution (or is it Revolution?) in Enterprise Midrange Array Architectures

In May 2010 DCIG released its first-ever Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide in which we covered 70+ models from over 20 vendors. Fast forward just three (3) short years later and DCIG is on track to release not one, not two, not three no, not even four Buyer’s Guides on enterprise midrange arrays but five distinct Buyer’s Guides on this topic! So what has changed in just three (3) short years that DCIG feels the need to produce so many? To understand this requires a closer look at the forces that are driving the evolution and revolution in enterprise midrange arrays.

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Flash Memory Storage Arrays Poised for Ascendancy in the Data Center

2012 saw a lot of discussion–some would say hype–over flash memory-based storage for the enterprise. Vendors are promoting various approaches to bringing flash memory storage to the data center. DCIG believes that Flash Memory Storage Arrays are poised to address not only special I/O-intensive use cases, but to begin displacing traditional storage arrays in many data centers.

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2013: ARM, SSD and Common Slot Servers

Bad news is only bad until you hear it, then it’s just information followed by opportunity. Information may arrive in political, personal, technological and economic forms. It creates opportunity which brings people, vision, ideas and investment together. When thinking about a future history of 2013, three (3) opportunities come to mind.

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DCIG’s Most Viewed Blog Entries in 2012 Irrespective of Publication Date – #6 – #10

I have disclosed the blog entries that have earned an honorable mention on DCIG’s website for the number of page views they received in 2012. I have also already revealed the Top 5 blog entries written in 2012 that were the most frequently read in 2012. So it is time today to begin to reveal the Top 10 most frequently viewed blog entries on DCIG’s website in 2012 regardless of what year they were published, starting with numbers 6 – 10.

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The Top 5 Most Read Blog Entries on DCIG’s Website Written in 2012

One of the unique aspects about running a blog site that primarily does analysis as opposed to commenting and covering today’s news is that the most read blog entries on DCIG’s site each year are rarely from the current year. This year was no exception as only one of the Top 5 blog entries written in 2012 made it into the Top 10 of DCIG’s most read blog entries of 2012 that I will start to reveal in tomorrow’s blog entry.

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Reflections on SNW 2012: Time to Revisit Assumptions About Storage

SNW 2012 revealed a dynamic industry that is innovating across all storage tiers. From incorporating super-low-latency flash memory into the data center to new tape formats that essentially turn tape libraries into high-latency disk drives, lots of talent is being applied to meet the growing demands that enterprises have for their storage systems.

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The Ways in Which Flash Memory Appliances will Impact How Organizations Buy and Manage Storage

As DCIG makes its final preparations for the release of its inaugural Purpose-Built Flash Memory Appliance Buyer’s Guide, we have had a number of conversations internally about what the criteria for product inclusion and exclusion in this Buyer’s Guide will be. As we do so, our conversation almost always turns to ways in which these purpose-built flash memory appliances will impact organizations and their decision making and buying habits.

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A Mid-Year Look at the Top Technology Trends So Far in 2012

To say with any degree of certainty what technologies will be hot in the next 6 – 12 months generally takes equal amounts of smarts and industry insight coupled with a little bit of luck sprinkled in to get it right. So as I compare what I forecast earlier this year to what I see taking place now, I was certainly right on some points but premature in predicting others. So today with the midpoint of 2012 upon us, I thought I would take a look at the five specific technology trends impacting organizations right now.

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