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Category: Overland Storage

SnapServer SAN S2000 Gives SMBs Affordable Way to Scale into and Protect Virtual Server Environments

Numerous surveys show that the adoption of server virtualization is poised to take off in small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). But what can get overlooked in this trend is that greater than 70% of these virtual server deployments that occur in SMB environments will use external storage. This is where SMBs can run into problems. Identifying an affordable, scalable external storage system that can meet their short and long term needs is sometimes easier said than done but that is exactly what the newly announced SnapServer SAN S2000 is designed to deliver.

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New NEO Tape Libraries Satisfy Continued SME Cravings for Cost-Effective Backup and Archive

Small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) face some tough choices right now. Disk-based backup is definitely on the rise and has many appealing features, but it can come with a price tag that these organizations simply cannot afford and may not meet all levels of data protection needs. Many SMEs are using tape as a primary backup target or leveraging tape as an archive in a disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) scenario. It is these requirements that the new NEO® 200s and NEO® 400s entry-level tape libraries announced this week from Overland Storage are designed to address.

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Tape Libraries and NAS Devices Covered under New ‘Cash for Junkers’ Program

We have all heard of the pressures that the current economic downturn is having on companies. Since the beginning of the year, Wall Street Journal, Forrester Research and others have told us that spending on information-technology goods and services for this year is declining or will be declining. But these same outlets are also predicting the current bad economic times are coming to an end and that technology spending will increase again in 2010 across various categories to the degree of 7-10 percent.

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New REO BCA Simplifies Backup and Automates Recovery in Virtualized Environments

The impact of virtualization on the IT Infrastructure has shaken IT at its core. Virtualization is changing the current model of assigning one physical server for each application by effectively consolidating multiple servers onto one piece of server hardware and then optimizing its resources. Despite these benefits, virtualization initiatives can prove challenging. For example, deploying certain components of the IT infrastructure with backup and recovery is one area where there can be unanticipated challenges in the support of virtual infrastructures.

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Release of new Business Continuity Appliance Perfectly Timed to Coincide with Increasing Executive Interest in DR

“Disaster recovery (DR) may not be hot among our executive management team but they have definitely turned up the heat around DR.” That statement, from a storage administrator at a university in the Pittsburgh area, is reflective of the new view that executives in all sizes of organizations are adopting right now in regards to disaster recovery. As the economy continues to slow and management has more time to focus on internal processes that need fixing, organizations are seeing definite gaps in their ability to protect and recover applications, which new solutions like Overland Storage’s REO Business Continuity Appliance (BCA) can help resolve.

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New Tape Needs Call for Refreshes, not Overhauls, to Tape Libraries

In looking at the tape market and what it needs to provide in tape libraries to meet today’s organizational needs, it is refreshes, not overhauls, that are required to align with these needs. Because tape libraries are becoming a secondary, as opposed to a primary, backup target in customer environments, tape library providers need to re-prioritize and even scale back the number of changes they make because if users do not want or use specific features, they will not pay for them.

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Video Surveillance Moves Closer to Business Ready Solution

Video surveillance is shaping up as the next big thing in enterprise security. IP-based cameras from Mobotix and the continued growth of high-capacity network attached storage systems from Overland Storage make it possible for almost any size and type of organization to inexpensively deploy a video surveillance solution. But what was still missing until recently was a comprehensive backend support structure for implementing these solutions and then supporting them long-term.

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Companies Must Adapt a Zhuan Ji Attitude to Survive this Economic Downturn

Right now many companies are feeling a little despondent as they go into this holiday season and look to 2009. Many are looking at the possibility of or have already completed workforce reductions and now are trying to figure out how to reshape the company going forward. So while the near-term outlook appears grim, there are two ways companies can respond that are probably best summed up by two Chinese expressions. Companies can look at this situation and view it as hopelessly perilous or one that, if properly taken advantage of, can create new opportunities.

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Legacy Video Surveillance Solutions are Giving Way to new IP Cameras that Use Networked Storage

About 40 years ago, high-tech video surveillance consisted of closed-circuit television (CCTV) that had to be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Then came the move to video cassette recorders (VCRs) with analog video capture, which helped bring about a revolution of video surveillance in the ’70s. But just as all of us movie buffs have figured out, VCR tapes eventually wear out, tear or become unmanageable, and the same occurs with video surveillance tapes. While there are many new features in tape-based video recording, such as charged-coupled device (CCD), digital multiplexing as well as time-lapse and motion-only recording, the ability to digitally record data to network-attached storage is starting to takeoff and, as it does create a more scalable solution for video surveillance.

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Mobotix-Overland Partnership Snaps into Place in Fast Growing Video Surveillance Market

A picture is worth a thousand words, so even in a world with a great deal of economic uncertainty, the video surveillance market is still forecasted to grow 30 percent or more this year and beyond, according to Security Products magazine. This is mostly due to the fact that corporate security needs are growing more critical. Yet the reasons behind the explosion of video surveillance go well beyond just security; companies are finding that the sharp pictures possible with the new generation of digital IP cameras can help them better analyze shoppers’ behaviors and buying patterns at their stores.

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