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Category: Overland Storage

New SnapServer DX Models Deliver Their Full Value with Dynamic RAID and Provision Free Storage

More storage capacity, new options to configure storage capacity and a starting price point of under $2,000 — that’s the at-a-glance description of the newest Overland Storage model, SnapServer DX, available in a 1U and 2U form factors, SnapServer DX1 and SnapServer DX2, respectively. But what makes the new NAS/iSCSI SAN SnapServer DX so compelling is the increased flexibility that it offers to organizations to manage and scale, using the new DynamicRAID technology which contribute to eliminating the need for organizations to provision storage altogether.

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SnapServer N2000 Assumes Multi-faceted Role in Neumont University’s Backup Environment

When companies discuss their backup strategy, disk and tape are almost always part of that conversation. But in a recent interview that I did with Matt Jorgensen, the system administrator at Neumont University, we did more than talk about how the value of the Overland Storage’s SnapServer N2000 and NEO 2000e in its backup strategy. We also discussed the critical role that the SnapServer N2000 plays in supporting the two different backup products in Neumont’s environment.

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Use Tape to Keep a Firm Grip on Data Stored in the Cloud

To many enterprise organizations, the question of whether or not they will store backup data in a cloud is already a foregone conclusion: it will be stored there. But that does not mean they should abandon tape in their new cloud-centered environment. Practical use cases for tape abound since tape enables enterprises to keep a firm, long-term grip on data that they temporarily or permanently store in the cloud.

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Overland Storage SnapSAN S1000 Rekindles the Passion for Server Virtualization among SMEs

Small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) love the cost savings and new found flexibility that server virtualization offers their organization. Yet when they start uncovering all of the costs associated with implementing the networked storage infrastructure needed to support their virtualized server infrastructure that joy can quickly fade away. It is those SMEs despairing about these virtual server storage costs that should look to the new Overland Storage SnapSAN S1000 as a way to rekindle their passion for virtualization.

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eClaris Finds All the Evidence It Needs to Prove that Overland Storage is the Right Tape Library for eDiscovery

Evidence. It is that crucial item that can exonerate a company or subject it to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in penalties. So in today’s world where organizations are occasionally tasked with sorting through mountains of data stored on tape to locate a critical piece of information to proof innocence or guilt, the difference between the right technology and the wrong is what may determine whether or not an eDiscovery job gets done.

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NEO 8000e Readies Itself to Assume Archiving Role in Enterprise Data Management

Over the past few years there has been a lot of hype that tape storage is being left dead. But while disk is capturing the fancy of enterprise organizations because of disk’s success in solving their primary backup and recovery problems, longer-term issues with data management are just now starting to surface. It is for this reason that enterprise data centers are finding new tape library solutions such as the Overland Storage NEO 8000e well suited for their emerging archiving needs.

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The Overland Storage N2000 Goes Rich in Features but Stays Sensitive in Price

It is no secret that small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are still keeping their belts tight in the face of the economic slowdown that has occurred. This is forcing them to change how they do business which means bringing in the right technologies to make sure their employees can still get their work done. As they do, more are bound to find the Overland Storage SnapServer N2000 the right technology to help them meet this objective.

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I’ve Changed My Mind About Tape

I have to admit that once upon a time, I was on the “I hate tape” bandwagon. In the past, I spent too many days, nights and weekends as an administrator troubleshooting failed backups and then doing slow recoveries from a media I barely understood (or wanted to understand). But more recently I have found myself breaking through my “I hate tape” mentality.

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Two Tips to Help Businesses Meet Their Forecasted 260 GB per Person Needs of 2011

Businesses that think they are sheltered from data growth better think again. Recent statistical evidence suggests that by 2011 every man, woman and child on the globe will each consume over 260 GBs of data. While this has many implications, it clearly illustrates that businesses better be prepared to continue to identify and implement more cost-effective data storage solutions such as the NEO S-Series with its new LTO-5 tape drives from Overland Storage.

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