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Backup is Deduplication’s First Stop

Companies looking to introduce HYDRAstor into their backup environment should take into account that data deduplication is a destination and backup only the first stop in that journey. Data deduplication is changing the backup game but it has the potential longer term to change how companies store much of their data. It’s when companies start to view deduplication from this larger viewpoint that they can begin to understand the significance of HYDRAstor’s underlying grid architecture.

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HYDRAstor Creates a Decoupled Storage Grid

HYDRAstor’s grid storage architecture conversely can start small but linearly and independently scale performance or capacity or both. HYDRAstor decouples performance nodes (called Accelerator Nodes) from capacity nodes (called Storage Nodes) creating two separate layers that act independently of one another and possess their own levels of intelligence.

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Speed Still Matters

As I was going through the job interview process for a storage administrator position nearly seven years ago, my prospective employer took me on a

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The Enterprise Game Changer

The rapid emergence and acceptance of deduplication into the mainstream of enterprise storage in the last 18 – 24 months has been nothing short of

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One of Those Days

It is the rare day where I wish I could leave the ranks of the analyst community and re-join the user community. Today was one

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