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Nutanix Backup Software: Make the Best Choice Between HYCU and Rubrik

Organizations of all sizes now look to hyper-converged infrastructure solutions such as the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform to provide them with their next generation of data center IT infrastructure services. As they do, they need software optimized for protecting Nutanix environments. HYCU, Inc., and Rubrik are two early leaders in this space. Each possess distinctive attributes that make one or the other better suited for providing data protection services when these conditions exist in your environment.

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HYCU PAR thumbnailHyper-converged infrastructure solutions such as the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform stand poised to fundamentally change how enterprises manage their IT infrastructure. They simplify and automate long standing problems such as application availability, data migrations, and hardware refreshes as well as integration with leading public cloud providers. But this looming changeover in IT infrastructure still leaves organizations with the responsibility to protect the data hosted on these solutions. This is where products such as those from HYCU, Inc., and Rubrik come into play.
HYCU (pronounced “hıˉ Q”) for Nutanix and Rubrik Cloud Data Management are two data protection software products that protect virtual machines (VMs) but which also offer features optimized for the protection of Nutanix environments. Both HYCU and Rubrik Cloud Data Management share some similarities as they both support:

  • Application and file level restores for Windows applications and operating systems
  • Concurrent backups
  • Full recovery of VMs from backups
  • Multiple cloud providers for application recovery and/or long-term data retention
  • Protection of VMs on non-Nutanix platforms
  • Snapshots to perform incremental backups

Despite these similarities, differences between these two products remain. To help enterprises select the product that best fits their needs to protect their Nutanix environment, DCIG in its newest Pocket Analyst Report identifies seven factors that differentiate these two products to help enterprises evaluate them and choose the most appropriate one for their environment. Some of these factors include:

  1. Depth of Nutanix integration
  2. Breadth of application support
  3. Breadth of public cloud support
  4. Vendor stability

This four page DCIG Pocket Analyst Report contains analyst commentary about each of these features, identifies which product has strengths in each of these areas, and contains multiple pages of side-by-side feature comparisons to support these conclusions. Follow this link to download and access this newest DCIG Pocket Analyst Report that is available at no charge for a limited time.


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