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Five Features Backup Software Must Offer to Protect and Recover Microsoft Exchange and/or SQL Server

Over the years both Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server have gotten the reputation (well-earned, I might add) of being difficult to backup and recover. Yet with the vast majority of all size companies running one if not both of these applications in their environments, using backup software that can effectively protect and recover these applications is no longer optional – it is a prerequisite. To ensure a company is effectively performing these tasks, here are five features backup software must offer to protect and recover Microsoft Exchange and/or SQL Server.

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Four Tips to Evaluating (and Lowering) Backup’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in Your Environment

Most businesses recognize they need to backup data and many even routinely perform this task. However where they may lack clarity is in what backup actually costs them and if they are getting the most value from their investment in the technology they currently have in-house. Here are four simple tips to help you evaluate the backup solution that you are currently using as well as some steps that you might want to take to lower backup’s total cost of ownership (TCO) in your environment.

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Small and Midsized Enterprise’s Five New Criteria for Selecting Virtual Machine Backup Software

Identifying a virtual machine backup software solution that delivers on the intangible new features that a small and midsized enterprise (SME) needs to backup and recover its virtualized environment is easier said than done. The DCIG 2013 Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide identified and evaluated over 20 virtual server backup solutions with more than 150 different features. The trick for SMEs is to identify which of these 150 features match their specific needs and then select a backup software solution that delivers on them.

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Why Disk Has Forever Replaced Tape as a Primary Backup Target

Right here, right now, it’s time to state what may sound preposterous to some and obvious to others. Disk has officially forever replaced tape as the primary target for backup software. But it is for reasons that go much deeper than disk simply now being cheaper, faster and easier to manage than tape. Disk is part of a new backup equation where backup solutions are expected to deliver near real time business continuity and disaster recovery.

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Virtual Backup Appliances Get a Personality in Eversync 5.1

Virtual backup appliances (VBAs) are the new hot ticket in backup. Providing an economical alternative to physical backup appliances, they are finding a new home as the preferred solution to backup branch, remote and small offices as well as serving as a replication target. But to fulfill these different roles results in the need for VBAs to take on their own personalities. The new Virtual Backup Software in Eversync 5.1 gives organizations access to a solution they have long sought: simplified backup and replication.

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Five Tips for Choosing the Right Virtual Backup Appliance (VBA) for Your Organization

Backup appliances are going virtual for one very simple reason: organizations want to virtualize all of their applications in their small, branch and remote offices to include their backup software while retaining the ease of deployment that physical backup appliances offer. As this occurs, there are five key factors that they need to keep in mind in order to select the right VBA for them.

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Eversync Puts Key Backup Appliance Differentiators into Its New Line of Data Protection Appliances

Backup appliances are HOT right now with organizations of all sizes loving the flexibility and ease with which these appliances enable them to get backup up and running in their environment. But as DCIG’s research into backup appliances uncovers, they are not all created equal with features like deduplication, SSD support and application integration emerging as key differentiators. It is these features and more that Eversync bundles in its new, recently announced line of data protection appliances.

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Achieving Virtual Backup Success without Becoming a Real Backup Expert; Rethinking Backup Strategies for Virtualization Part III

Few IT administrators willingly want to refer to themselves as “backup gurus” under the best of circumstances. But as organizations virtualize their environments, even grizzled veterans who were previously comfortable with their backups are now unsure of the best way to proceed so their backups are completed quickly, easily and within designated backup windows.

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The Five Primary Features that SMBs Should Look for in a Backup Solution for their Virtualized Environments: Rethinking Backup Strategies for Virtualization Part II

As small and midsize businesses (SMBs) virtualize their servers at an increasing pace, many fail to consider the impact this change has on how they do backups – or that it impacts their backups at all. However since many IT administrators who are responsible for backups in these environments would freely admit to not being backup gurus, here are some tips on what features to look for in backup software in order to properly protect and recover your newly virtualized environment.

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