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Category: Eversync

Rethinking Backup Strategies for Virtualization Part I: The Five Major Ways Server Virtualization Negatively Impacts Backup

As small and midsize businesses (SMBs) virtualize their servers at an increasing pace, many fail to consider the impact this change has on how they do backups – or that it impacts their backups at all. However since many IT administrators who are responsible for backups in these environments would freely admit to not being backup gurus, here is some insight into how server virtualization changes backup and what SMBs need to know about backup as they implement virtualization in their environment.

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Revinetix RevOS 4.0 Bridges the Physical-Virtual Gap with All-in-One Solution

In the last few years, the need for backup software to support VMware has become almost a must-have for any backup solution to remain relevant in the years to come. The need for organizations to back up both physical and virtual machines means that addressing data protection has become increasingly complex. This is why the new Revinetix RevOS 4.0 provides an all-in-one solution to bridge the physical-virtual gap that other backup software solutions may not accomplish without increasing complexity.

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The New Arguments for Using Removable Disk in Lieu of Tape for SME Archiving Requirements

Continuing (dare I say exploding?) data growth in small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) is forcing these size organizations to confront an issue that was primarily confined to larger organizations: data archiving. Chief among these issues, the question as to what media to store archival data on is one that needs to be answered. While many may assume that tape is best positioned to assume this role, there is a growing body of evidence that disk may be the most appropriate media for SMEs to use when archiving their data.

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A Practical D2D2D DR Solution for Real Life Disasters

Tsunamis in Japan.Floods in the Midwest.Super cells and tornados throughout the South (and even the North!) As these news stories make headlines, they should serve as a reminder that no business, even small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), are immune from disasters and the need to recover from them. But as more SMEs adopt disk as their primary backup target, they need a practical D2D2D (disk-to-disk-to-disk) solution that ensures they can recover from a disaster should it occur.

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Why Disk Has Forever Replaced Tape as a Primary Backup Target

Right here, right now, it’s time to state what may sound preposterous to some and obvious to others. Disk has officially forever replaced tape as the primary target for backup software. But the reasons for this go much deeper than disk just now being cheaper, faster and easier to manage than tape.

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Two Tips for Getting the Most Bang for Your Deduplication and Replication Bucks

The balancing act that every small and midsize enterprise (SME) plays when making new technology purchases is finding the right balance between cost and technology. In the area of backup, this particularly holds true as backup to disk coupled with deduplication has now made disk backup a cost-effective replacement for tape backup while eliminating the headaches associated with using tape as a primary backup target. But with deduplication available in so many different forms, I wanted to offer SMEs a couple tips to help them get the most bang for their deduplication and replication bucks.

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High Capacity HDDs Create Growing Need for Centralizing the Backup of Desktop and Laptop Data

It is almost universally recognized that protecting and recovering applications and application data that reside on Linux, UNIX, VMware or Microsoft Windows servers is a necessity no matter what the cost. Yet most organizations still fail to have a good response for backing up the growing amount of data that resides on the desktops and laptops because of the 1 and 2 TB HDDs that they now possess.

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How SMEs Can Achieve a “Hotter” Warm Recovery at a Very Cool Price

“Hot” or “cold” was a decision that every small and midsize enterprise (SME) faced when it came to determining how to best recover their applications in the event of a disaster. So, while nearly every SME may have wanted a “hot” recovery for their applications, looking at the price tag associated with delivering that option almost always gave them cold feet. However, new backup solutions such as the Revinetix Sentio™ now make it feasible for SMEs to significantly “warm up” their recoveries while keeping the price of recovery very cool.

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