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Telecomm Teams Come to Bell Micro and HP for NEBS Expertise and OEM Service

The value of OEM service is apparent to many types of business, and none more than telecomm. The precise technology requirements and service expertise which is required by telecomm businesses raise the bar for OEM providers like Bell Micro. Bell Micro has capitalized on these requirements by carving out a successful niche within the OEM market in which Bell Micro could be said to be the undisputed leader.

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“To Cloud” is Officially a Verb in Today’s Data Center

Cloud is this year’s virtualization, or ILM, or even ASP for those of us who go back a while. Cloud is the latest term of interest in the data management market, but one that is fraught with the same level of confusion and misunderstanding as those previous terms. However, cloud brings with it a certain level of interest and for good reason: virtualization technologies are one of the only methods available that offer to solve a problem plaguing IT budgets and environments.

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HP, VMware, Intel and Bell Micro Team to Offer Extreme OEM Advantages for Virtual Solutions

As most know, Intel has been in a race to offer better processing performance with the goal of enabling better server consolidation. Their XEON 5500 series offers “the best generation to generation performance gain ever seen” by Intel, according to Bryce Olson who works in Intel’s data center product group. The server compression that results is 9 or 10 to 1, with the XEON 5600 promising 12:1 ratios. This type of compression along with the XEON’s energy efficiency features enable cost recapture within 12 months, according to Olson.

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VMware Gaining Ground as a Better OEM Platform; Benefits from HP and Bell Micro Services and Support

Server virtualization, for which VMware is the dominant vendor, has gained ground among OEM appliance manufacturers as a more flexible, higher-value delivery platform. This blog entry begins a series of three in which we will explore the factors contributing to and inhibiting OEM success with server virtualization, HP and Bell Micro roles in that success, and the future of where virtualization can take the OEM community.

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A Better Archive and Backup Deduplication Fit for VAR Solution Portfolios

Most VARs who have had success selling Data Domain systems over the last couple of years are feeling a bit uncomfortable right now: EMC has announced its official take-over of Data Domain. VARs have made a good living on Data Domain, contributing to Data Domain’s success as having one of the best-selling, fastest-growing deduplication storage systems in the market. VARs are now feeling vulnerable to EMC’s goodwill – or probable lack thereof.

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The Coming New World of Healthcare Data Management Demands Healthcare Savvy Data Management Providers

Obama’s administration allocated $17B of the recent (Feb 09) stimulus spending package to healthcare, for the purpose of building better healthcare infrastructure. The goal of the new infrastructure is to move patient records online and enable a ubiquitous Electronic Health Record (EHR) to be shared universally among hospital systems. Obama himself promised a total of $50B in spending for this purpose during his campaign. Some experts believe that even more is to come. But, now that some of the money is allocated, how are healthcare institutions getting access to it and what are they doing with it?

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If NetApp Beats EMC in Battle over Data Domain – Resellers Win but Customers may Lose

This morning’s news that NetApp has over-called EMC in what has become a bidding war for Data Domain is not a surprise: if you believe the projections cited by Joe Tucci yesterday, Data Domain’s expected 2010 revenue of $480M means that both NetApp and EMC could justify a higher acquisition price – and we’re likely to see a few more bidding rounds. However, the real question of interest in this war isn’t the eventual winning bid, but rather which will be the winning bidder. In short, which of the two is the more desirable for the storage industry, its reseller channels, and its customers?

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As VMware Momentum Continues, STORServer Reinvents Appliance Delivery Methods by Offering Encapsulated Virtual Machines

Among the vendor teams that I met at SNW this year, the team from STORServer stood out to me as having the best use of appliance technology built using VMware systems. STORServer offers an appliance built on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) to simplify data backup. STORServer was there to talk about their VCB capabilities, which simplify VMware Consolidated Backup adoption – certainly a good use of an appliance solution approach. But more interestingly, I felt, was their use of VMware technology built into their appliance to speed the delivery of new applications capabilities to their customers.

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Highlights from the Spring SNW 2009 Virtualization Summit; “Our Electric Bill is Our Biggest Data Center Line Item”

You can’t talk about storage these days without including virtualization somewhere in the conversation. The Spring 2009 SNW was no different as one of its Summits was devoted to virtualization. The Tuesday, April 7, Virtualization Summit proved very interesting even though it was dominated by vendors. Some of the better data points that came out of this Summit were from TheInfoPro and Boston Medical Center. Also, interesting tidbits on SSD are emerging as SSD appears to solve performance challenges for VMware-access-to-storage in high I/O environments as well as performance intensive development environments.

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