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Category: Security

2024-25 DCIG TOP 5 2PB+ Cyber Secure Backup Target Global Edition Report Now Available

DCIG is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the 2024-25 DCIG TOP 5 2PB+ Cyber Secure Backup Target Global Edition Report. This report provides guidance on the TOP 5 cyber secure backup targets that enterprises should consider in their fight against ransomware. These TOP 5 backups targets afford enterprises the best options for accelerating backups, repelling ransomware attacks, and facilitating restores and recoveries.

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5 Key Backup Solution Features to Protect Against and Recover from Ransomware Attacks

Anyone who believes their organization remains impervious to ransomware after the recent attack on the MGM Resorts, I hope you are right! However, if this attack has finally prompted you to act, or at least reaffirm the security actions you have already taken work properly, then read on. This latest ransomware attack illustrates that hackers continue to employ ever more ingenious approaches to conduct attacks. Yet as they do, five core features found in many backup solutions will, if properly and comprehensively deployed, provide organizations a viable path forward for data protection and restores.

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NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Putting the NIST Cybersecurity Framework into Context

Many if not all IT providers openly support and endorse the NIST Cybersecurity Framework published in 2018. While laudable, supporting and endorsing an industry standard does not automatically equate to their products delivering on these standards. If anything, organizations should exercise caution as to what any IT provider’s support of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework really means and how it applies to the solutions they offer.

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New Methods to Stop Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware represents one of the primary threats every size organization currently faces. The latest surveys reveal the percentage of businesses experiencing ransomware attacks may be higher than anyone initially thought. These statistics suggest it is only matter of when, not if, an organization experiences a ransomware attack.

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Security and Storage Finally Create a Sensible Union

Storage and security represent two technologies that have circled each for nearly two decades with negligible success in coming together. That may have finally changed this week. StorMagic’s acquisition of KeyNexus represents the coming together of two technologies that finally makes sense for everyone involved.

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Backup’s Two-pronged Response to Ransomware

Organizations everywhere currently must grapple with how to best prepare for and respond to the corona virus. Many must currently make decisions on the fly and formulate responses with only partial or information. Thankfully, when it comes to dealing with another threat they face, ransomware, they have better information and answers. Already, many backup solutions offer a two-pronged response to ransomware.

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Backup Software’s Expanding Efforts to Help Defeat Ransomware in the Data Center

Ask anyone how to defeat ransomware and software from cyber security providers may first come to mind. These include Avast, Bitdefender, Malwarebytes, Sophos, and others. Mention using backup software to defeat ransomware and people may look at you like you have lost your mind. Crazy or not, backup software now incorporates features that serve as a secondary perimeter to defend against ransomware attacks.

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Kubernetes the Centerpiece of VMware’s Vision

Everyone attending VMworld last week no doubt saw the slogan “Make Your Mark” predominantly displayed everywhere. Whether it was in the Moscone Center, the San Francisco airport or the highways and byways leading to downtown San Francisco, VMware sought to make an impression on attendees. Having now left VMworld 2019, perhaps the most indelible mark that VMware left on me and other attendees was its intentions to make Kubernetes a center piece in its future offerings.

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The New Need to Create a Secondary Perimeter to Detect for Malware’s Presence

Malware – and specifically ransomware – tends to regularly make headlines with some business somewhere in the world reporting having its data encrypted by it. Due to this routine occurrence, companies need to acknowledge that their standard first line defenses such as cybersecurity and backup software no longer completely suffice to detect malware. To augment these defenses, companies need to take new steps to shore up these traditional defenses which, for many, will start with creating a secondary perimeter around their backup stores to detect the presence of malware.

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Security Industry Turning to Big Data to Accelerate Analysis of Event and Log Data

Yesterday I broke away from my normal routine of analyzing enterprise data protection and data storage technologies to take a closer look at enterprise security. To do so, I stopped by the Omaha Tech Security Conference held at the local Hilton Omaha conference center and visited some of the vendors’ booths to learn more about their respective technologies. In so doing, it quickly became evident from my conversations with a number of security providers that they recognize their need to introduce Big Data analytics into their products to convert the data, events, and incidents that they record and log into meaningful analysis that organizations can consume and act upon.

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