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Give the I/Os of Your Mission and Business Critical Apps the VIP Treatment They Deserve

Features such as automated storage tiering and storage domains on today’s enterprise storage arrays go a long way toward making it feasible for organizations to successfully host multiple applications with different performance and priority requirements on a single array. However prioritizing the order in which data and I/Os are tiered is an entirely differently matter as organizations typically want the data and I/Os associated with their mission and business critical I/Os serviced ahead of lower priority applications. This is where the Quality of Service (QoS) Plus feature found on the Oracle FS1 comes into play as it does more than provide the “brains” behind its auto-tiering feature. It also re-prioritizes and re-orders application I/O according to each application’s business value to the enterprise.

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A Modern Day Check List for Evaluating Today’s Flash Memory Storage Arrays

While enterprises still need to validate and test a flash storage array’s performance and stability, the time has arrived for them to expand their evaluation to ensure that the flash storage array offers the other capabilities that they will also need in their environment. Eight other flash storage array features that should now be part of their modern day flash memory storage array check list include:

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Oracle Brings out the Big Guns, Rolls out the FS1 Flash Storage System

Dedicating a single flash-based storage array to improving the performance of a single application may be appropriate for siloed or small SAN environments. However this is NOT an architecture that enterprises want to leverage when hosting multiple applications in larger SAN environments, especially if the flash-based arrays has only a few or unproven data management services behind it. The new Oracle FS1 Series Flash Storage System addresses these concerns by providing enterprises both the levels of performance and the mature and robust data management services that they need to move flash-based arrays from the fringes of their SAN environments into their core.

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