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Nexsan Refreshes Dedupe SG to Address Next Gen SME Disk-based Backup Complexity

I have heard it said that you cannot compare the complexity found in small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) to what is found in the “really big” enterprise shops. That is certainly true in some cases but when one starts to examine the complexity associated with backing up, recovering and managing data at the dozens of branch offices that many SMEs support, it equates to any challenge that large enterprises face. However it is this exact complexity that the new features on the Nexsan Dedupe SG 2.0 are designed to address.

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COPAN Rumored to be Gone but MAID is Alive and Well

The rumored closing of COPAN Systems in early December 2009 raised a few alarm bells around the storage industry. However it was not COPAN Systems’ demise that was the main cause of concern as its impending doom has been rumored for some time. Rather it is question of whether of not the MAID technology that COPAN largely succeeded in making its signature feature will die along with COPAN. After all, if COPAN cannot make a go of MAID technology in this übergreen corporate environment, who can and under what circumstances?

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Next Generation Deduplication Platform Delivers on Promise of Green IT with Operational Savings

September and October are the traditional months that many midsize businesses start to
forecast what projects they hope to accomplish in the upcoming year and then put together
budgets in support of those plans. Projects currently being given the highest priority are
those that are power efficient, space efficient and cost efficient to meet organizational “Green” initiatives.

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Nexsan Dedupe SG Gives Resellers Much Needed New Choice in Mid-Market Deduplication Systems

Yesterday’s announcement of the new Nexsan DeDupe SG solution should particularly appeal to current resellers. As a company, Nexsan already has a solid reputation as a storage system provider, is experiencing steady growth and was on track to do an IPO last year before last fall’s stock market decline. But maybe more attractive to resellers, Nexsan sells 100% of its product through the channel.

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The Hidden Costs of Unreliable Disk Drives; The Dirty Little Secrets of Managing RAID Storage

It is only after organizations start to deploy storage systems with SATA HDDs that they really start to focus on the reliability of SATA HDDs. While it is unlikely they will lose any data regardless of whose system they deploy, the amount of time that their IT staff spends and resulting operational expense in managing the replacement of failed SATA HDDs can and will vary widely according to which storage system they select. It is only by selecting SATA storage systems that specifically account for the idiosyncrasies of SATA HDDs that organizations can both protect their data and not have to deal with headaches of constantly replacing failed SATA HDDs.

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