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Category: Microsoft 365

AI-infused solution

Microsoft 365 Data Protection Made Better with AI-infused Solutions

Microsoft 365 represents a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that often gets used by ransomware to enter organizations. This has prompted Microsoft to introduce security and backup services within Microsoft 365 to help organizations recover from these attacks. However, Microsoft only provides some backup and security services to protect Microsoft 365 against ransomware. This leaves openings for AI-infused solutions such as SpinOne to better protect Microsoft 365.

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Three Rules for Optimizing Microsoft 365 Recoveries

The process of backing up and recovering data hosted in Microsoft 365 Online differs in a notable way from other applications and data that enterprises host in the cloud or on-premises. Enterprises do not need to back up and recover the Microsoft 365 application. Rather, they may focus solely on backing up and recovering the data they store in Microsoft 365.

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